Oreo ‘pride’ — It’s not the cookie they hate…

Oreo ‘pride’ — It’s not the cookie they hate…

This whole boycotting Oreo cookies isn’t really about the cookie – You know that, right?

This is all about hate and ignorance and for the most part it’s all tied up with the “God Hates Gays” bow.

My sweet, sweet friends have written and called with their words of encouragement and love, and they all tell me not to listen to these folks.

I know this logically; it’s just that my heart hurts when people are so very hateful and so quick to condemn me to their magical land of “hell.”

See, this is personal – this is my life – the life I was given to live.

Contrary to what most Christians believe, this is not the life I would have chosen for myself. I wouldn’t have chosen to live in a world so full of hateful, ignorant, “god-fearing” people.

I’ve been told that I’m “frozen in my belief” about homosexuality not being a choice, that there isn’t scientific evidence that would prove that people are born gay. To this I have to ask for the scientific evidence of this God you believe in.

What I know is my life – all 60 years of it.

I have always been attracted to women, even when I was told I couldn’t be. I tried to make myself be attracted to men, I really did – but the thought of – and the physical act of sex with a man – made me ill, even when I was told to enjoy it. I don’t hate men; I am simply not sexually attracted to them.

That’s all the scientific evidence I need.

Kind of like Christians praying for someone to be healed and they are… that’s all the proof they need that their God exists. You can’t see it – but you know it’s there.

I just don’t understand why it matters who I love. Why do you care? How does it affect your life? What does my loving Susan have to do with any of the lives of the hate-filled messages shown above?

Don’t blame Nabisco or my beloved Oreo for your hate-filled ignorance.

It’s not about either one of those things, but you knew that already, didn’t you?

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