Nebraska woman rails against gays during public hearing

LINCOLN, Neb. — Video surfaced Friday of Lincoln, Neb., resident Jane Svoboda and her graphic anti-gay diatribe, which she delivered during a public hearing before the Lincoln city council earlier this week on a proposed ordinance to ban discrimination against gays and transgender citizens in employment, housing and public accommodations.

Svoboda’s bizarre testimony includes such revelations that a “huge percent of gay men in school grounds molest boys, partly because they don’t have AIDS yet,” and that “Hillary Clinton’s roommate four years in college was a gay woman” and that “to avoid going gay like Clinton did,” college students should have single rooms and single gender dorms.

“Don’t allow hundreds of molestations a year with this equality ordinance,” she says.

Watch, Jane Svoboda “on the record:”

During the six-and-a-half hour marathon hearing Monday night, the city council heard from more than 70 people expressing their opinions, for and against, the proposed ordinance.

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