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Protesters say ‘gay is okay,’ LA Times says gay marriage is ‘inevitable’

Protesters say ‘gay is okay,’ LA Times says gay marriage is ‘inevitable’

Here’s the nightly wrap-up for Sunday, February 12, 2012, and a preview on some stories making news on Monday.

Gay is Okay, protesters tell Des Moines pastor

DES MOINES, Iowa — About 100 protesters gathered outside the Fort Des Moines Church of Christ during a Sunday morning sermon about homosexuality. The church came under fire last week for promoting the planned sermon with the words “Gay is not okay” on its outdoor marquee.

Pastor Mike DeMastus said people misinterpreted his intent — his message was not to condemn homosexuals, but rather homosexuality.

Gay Marriage is inevitable

LOS ANGELES — “With more openly gay people and strong support for same-sex unions among the young, the war is over even as the fighting continues.”

So says the Los Angeles Times in an op-ed Sunday entitled “Why gay marriage is inevitable.”

CNN gives forum to anti-gay pastor Ken Hutcherson

From the same network that last week suspended commentator Roland Martin for his perceived anti-gay tweets, on Sunday published an op-ed by anti-gay pastor Kenneth Hutcherson.

“Do I think God brings judgment on a society that encourages homosexuality? I do,” wrote Hutcherson.

Last month, Hutcherson railed against a Washington Senate committee during a hearing on same-sex marriage, “If you pass this bill you’re just as narrow minded, you are just as bigoted and you’re just as unloving to everything and everyone who wants to get married outside of one man and one woman…”

Washington Governor to sign marriage bill

OLYMPIA, Wash. — At a statehouse signing ceremony scheduled for 11:30 a.m. PST, Gov. Chris Gregoire on Monday will sign the newly passed legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage in Washington state. A preview from LGBTQ Nation is here.

Gay marriage ‘is absolutely going to pass’ NJ Assembly

New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D) predicted Friday that the state legislature would pass a bill to legalize same-sex marriage despite a veto threat from Republican Gov. Chris Christie.

“It is absolutely going to pass on Monday, and I expect it to pass the Assembly on Thursday, and it’s going to go to the governor’s desk,” he said during an appearance on the Brian Lehrer Show.

Marriage bills to be introduced in Australia

SYDNEY, Australia — Two separate private member’s bills to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia will be introduced Monday in a historic move for the gay rights movement, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Australian adds that another Member of Parliament is preparing his own civil unions bill.

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