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San Diego LGBT, AIDS activist Mike Tidmus dies at age 60

SAN DIEGO – Well-known AIDS and LGBT activist Mike Tidmus of San Diego died Sunday. He was 60.

Tidmus’ death was reported on his Facebook page by his brother:

“My name is Lindsay Tidmus, Mike’s brother. It is with a heavy heart that I inform his Facebook friends of Mike’s passing. He left us this morning after a battle with cancer.”

Mike Tidmus. Photo by Rex Wockner.

On his Facebook page, Mike Tidmus described himself as “Just your basic left-leaning, snark-loving, disbelieving, AIDS-aware online hangout for intelligent ‘mos and the folks who love us.”

Born Aug. 22, 1951, in Toronto, Canada, Tidmus worked in Europe and the United States before settling in San Diego in 2008. He had built a successful career as a creative director, art director, writer and photographer for advertising and marketing firms.

Tidmus wrote a popular blog, where he wrote about heterosexual privilege, “Poor Oppressed Christians,” “ChristoFascism,” “Crazy Fundies” and other issues facing the LGBT community.

On his blog, Tidmus was proud to be an outspoken opponent of religious oppression of LGBT rights, and he noted that he was a long-time survivor of AIDS.

The news of Tidmus’ death brought an outpouring of grief and appreciation.

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