Marcus Bachmann’s bullying of LGBT children

Marcus Bachmann’s bullying of LGBT children

Marcus Bachmann has decided upon his course of action if he were to become the first “first gentleman” to occupy the White House.

And instead of waging a war against obesity, which is Michelle Obama’s cause, he has decided that he is going to pursue something more important: reaffirming the discriminatory notion that ones sexual orientation can exclude you from one of the most valued institutions of society.

Marcus Bachmann

During a campaign event in Le Mars, Iowa, Marcus Bachmann — the controversial husband of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann — told reporters that his focus as the first gentleman would be to tell the country that “marriage is between one man and one woman” and that they are going to “promote families.”

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Interesting that Michele Obama has focused on obesity and that Laura Bush focused upon reading skills, yet the Bachmann campaign would focus upon reinforcing marital apartheid and devaluing our families.

Instead of encouraging children to make themselves better, Marcus Bachmann would rather see LGBT children grow up in a society that says to them “you and your relationship with your significant other are not ‘good’ for society, and thus instead of being encouraged, should be heavily stigmatized.”

Instead of helping children see that they are inherently valuable, Bachmann would rather use the force of law to instill in these vulnerable segments of our society the belief that there is something wrong with them.

Now I am well aware that the Bachmann candidacy has no chance of going anywhere, whether it be in this election or any in the near future. But regardless, it is important that these issues be addressed.

As long as figures like the Bachmanns are allowed to make statements which demean and actively promote hatred and discrimination against our community, they must be called out.

Their words have direct impact upon the lives of countless men and women across the United States (and yes, the world), and every one life that is lost because of the rhetoric that the Bachmanns use is one precious life that can never be regained.

As we gather around our families this coming weekend — whether it be my husband and I at my parents house in Atlanta or you at your parents/siblings/aunts and uncles — it is essential that we forcefully assert the value of our relationships and way of life.

When we are passive, and speak in code regarding our sexual orientation or relationships, we are giving into the mentality that there is something “wrong” with us. We are giving into the notion that we are “different” from the rest of our family; and every time we do that, we are no better than the Bachmanns.

Though they are actively promoting hatred, our passivity in combating the hatred and discrimination that we face every day shows to our closest family members that such discrimination is alright and that it can continue.

By not sticking up for our rights in our families, why should we expect society to treat us with dignity and respect?

With that, though I am sure I will post before then, I wish you and yours an excellent Holiday Season.

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