Gay teen offers video response for Jonah, victims of anti-gay bullying

Gay teen offers video response for Jonah, victims of anti-gay bullying

Johnny Robinson, a 17-year-old openly gay teen from Limerick, Penn., who was also elected his high school’s homecoming king, has recorded a video message for bullying victim Jonah Mowry.

Johnny Robinson

Emulating Mowry’s YouTube video that went viral last week, Robinson holds up handwritten note cards that explain he went through a period of being bullied and taunted with homophobic slurs before he found the courage to stand up for himself.

He says after he became proud of who he is, he was elected homecoming king at his high school and even fell in love.

“Whether or not Jonahs Video was real or fake, mine is 100% real, and i still hope my message will help others with the serious issue of bullying that takes place in schools and homes everyday all over the World. I had only good intentions for this video and i hope that my story can at least help others struggling with this problem!”


The four-minute reply is unique in that it depicts Johnny as a happy, emotionally-centered young man that is comfortable with his sexuality. It’s not an act, according to his mother, Bonnie Robinson, who said her youngest son is a genuinely happy person.

“He’s a great kid, and I know (Jonah’s video) really got to him,” she said. “I’m so proud of the difference Johnny’s made in so many people’s lives just this fast. It’s amazing!”

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