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Hassidic group: Pedophilia has ‘surged’ since New York legalized gay marriage

Hassidic group: Pedophilia has ‘surged’ since New York legalized gay marriage

A fringe Hassidic group based in Brooklyn, N.Y. is claiming that “man-on-boy” pedophilia has “surged” in New York State since same-sex marriage was legalized bill was passed a few months ago, and is launching an awareness campaign to thwart, repo gay married child molesters.


According to the watchdog group Failed Messiah, the Jewish Political Action Committee is distributing signs that condemn homosexuality as “a sin worse than murder” and that “G-d sent AIDS to punish male gays.”

The Jewish Political Action Committee is now organizing an awareness program to stop Gay molesters from attacking children and teens. Since the gay marriage bill in New York was introduced,there has been a surge of gay attacks against youngsters in New York. Children and teens are now at the mercy of the militant gay liberals who are brainwashing society to their evil.


We are offering FREE signs to Mikvehs and shuls that declare Judaism considers male homosexuality a worse sin than murder AS WELL AS G-d sent AIDS to punish male gays. Many people are unaware of the danger of this sin as the secular media is brainwashing society as well as children in kindergartens are being thought homosexuality as a normal lifestyle.

In New York, the libraries are being loaded up with gay propaganda to destroy the young innocent mind.No Jewish parent should allow their kids to the library anymore. We don’t need tax payers money going to dens of evil. Write your local politician.

JPAC press release.

In an email exchange with JPAC, reports that “JPAC is completely unaware of the medical science of this issue. It does not know that the vast majority of man-on-boy-pedophiles are heterosexuals, and that being gay does not predispose a person to pedophilia.”

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