Matt Barber has pedophilia on the brain

Matt Barber has pedophilia on the brain

I will say one thing about phony religious right cause celebre turned anti-gay talking head Matt Barber — he certainly knows how to milk a controversy, even if said controversy is as phony as his career.

Last week, I wrote about how he and discredited researcher Judith Reisman attended a symposium of a group who is supposedly trying to “reduce the stigmatization and stereotyping of people attracted to children.”

Matt Barber

Ever since they attended this symposium, Barber has steadily been attempting to connect this symposium to either the American Psychiatric Association – even though no one from the body attended this symposium – or Barber’s favorite target – the gay community.

Of course there is absolutely no connection between the symposium and the gay community. But one can count on Barber to attempt to create one.

Barber has been either writing columns about the symposium or making the rounds of religious right radio shows.

On Thursday, according Right Wing Watch, he not only made an appearance on “Porno Pete” LaBarbera’s radio show, but he also wrote a very venomous column in World Net Daily. Part of it reads as follows:

Make no mistake: Children are the target of what I call the “sexual anarchy movement.” Whether it’s the movement’s pedophile wing that seeks to literally rape children, or its radical pro-abortion, homosexualist and feminist wings, which seek to rape the minds of children, the larger sexual anarchy movement has a shared goal: Attack, corrupt and destroy God’s design for human sexuality. Children are just collateral damage.

Sexual anarchists know that to own the future, they must own the minds of our children. Hence, groups like B4U-ACT, GLSEN (The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network), Planned Parenthood and the like utilize academia from pre-school to post-graduate to brainwash and indoctrinate. Still, sexual anarchists are not restricted to the world of not-for-profit perversion advocacy. They also permeate the Obama administration.

Consider, for instance, that the official website for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently linked to “parenting tips” that referenced children as “sexual beings” and suggested that they should experiment with homosexuality and masturbation.

. . .Bolstered by support from the National Education Association, GLSEN has access to your children through sex education curricula it provides thousands of public schools across the country, and via adult sponsored “Gay Straight Alliances,” hosted in those same schools.

Alas, we live in a post-Kinsey America wherein our culture, along with our Judeo-Christian heritage, rots in the heat of the day. The stench of sexual anarchy is masked by the soaring, disingenuous rhetoric of “tolerance,” “diversity” and “comprehensive sex education.”

This need by Barber to reduce the gay community to matters of “sexual behavior” is probably not by accident nor is it pathological.

During a September 2009 religious right conference, Barber advised some attendees:

. . . to focus on the “ick” factor around gay sex and on claims that homosexuality is a health threat, which he called the movment’s “Achilles heel.”

That means every chance he gets, no matter if the issue is about same-sex households, the bullying and suicides of our lgbtq children, or probably even the issues of elderly members of the gay community, expect Barber to pull out the “gay sex” card.

This is because he has no other cards. Barber can’t win the argument through logic so he is a hard advocate of the notion that “it’s better to nauseate than educate.”


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