Barber’s pal Judith Reisman: gay men want ‘sex with as many boys as possible’

Barber’s pal Judith Reisman: gay men want ‘sex with as many boys as possible’

Liberty University visiting law professor Judith Reisman, appearing this week on Liberty Counsel’s “Faith & Freedom” radio program with notoriously anti-gay and sex-obsessed Matt Barber, claimed that anti-bullying efforts were part of a larger agenda to promote pedophilia.

Judith Reisman

Barber claimed that the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) “sexualizes children,” is “running interference for the pedophile movement” and “making [children] receptive to potential advances from adults,” reported Right Wing Watch.

Reisman called the “homosexual activist movement” all part of the “pedophile movement.”

Barber: Now I talk about the sexual anarchy movement and their larger goals, the pedophile movement is one branch, the homosexual activist movement is another branch, you know the pro-abort wing with Planned Parenthood and people like that. Part of the homosexual activist movement for instance is GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, they partner with the National Education Association and create a curriculum that seeks to indoctrinate children into the idea that homosexuality is normal, natural and good. This sexualizes children and aren’t they really running interference for the pedophile movement here? By sexualizing these children, making them receptive to potential advances from adults?

Reisman: Well yes of course Matt, that’s the whole point of the objective of the activity. And I don’t distinguish them, this is all part of the pedophile movement.


Reisman: We know that pedophilia, which was the original Greek they say it’s ‘love of’ but of course it isn’t, it’s ‘lust for’ boys. And there’s a strong, clear, cross-cultural, historical reality, people don’t want to do deal with, but the propaganda has been loud and strong to deny the fact, the aim of homosexual males and now increasingly females is not to have sex with other old guys and get married, but to obtain sex with as many boys as possible. That’s the reality. I wish it weren’t, but it is.



As for Reisman’s credentials, she is a former songwriter for the “Captain Kangaroo” children’s TV show, who re-made herself into a researcher — she has a doctorate, but it’s in communications, not any scientific discipline — and a self-proclaimed expert on pornography.

According to writer Terry Krepel, she was given a federal grant of more than $784,000 to study 30 years worth of Playboy magazines. Her findings were dismissed as “paranoid pseudoscientific hyperbole.”

Reisman has since made a name for herself in right-wing circles by claiming that gays are recruiting children.

Barber, in 2009, described gay relationships as “one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it ‘love.’”

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