With all due respect, Mr. Barton — ‘Go fuck yourself!’

With all due respect, Mr. Barton — ‘Go fuck yourself!’

Okay, I’ll admit it, I am angry and perhaps that headline is a poor choice of words.

However, I am just so sick and tired of these self righteous christo-fascists telling me that I am evil, an aberration, and attempt to dictate to me how my purely personal and private love life must be. I’m beyond the state of caring anymore to even uphold the simplest courtesy due my fellow humans when I am confronted by one of these viperous persons.

David Barton

Today, I ran across this lovely bit of rubbish from David Barton, the so-called head of the purportedly “christian” Wallbuilders organization, who on the air proclaimed:

“Your sexual choice is not a God-given right.

You’re talking about a choice, and you’re talking about elevating a choice to an inalienable right, which is impossible — you can’t, not under the definition of American documents. (Emphasis, mine.)

When you find homosexuality in nature, it is an aberration, there is no homosexual group in nature that survives, it can’t, it simply can’t, in nature it happens but it’s always an aberration. What is normal is heterosexual, and that is a law of nature and it’s a law of nature’s God.”

It is really inconvenient to bigoted propagandists like Barton that I and my fellow human beings who happen to be LGBTQ exist.

Of course the flip side is that they make a lot of money demonizing us in what I term “corporate Christianity.”

I am so over it, Barton. Go fuck yourself.

You, along with all of your peers who operate corporate Christianity are pathetic excuses for decent human beings.

As far as I am concerned, you need to mind your own damn business and get your nose and your politics out of my private life.

The millions of dollars that you and the rest of your creepy corporate christian allies raise and spend on trying to “eradicate the gay,” would be much better spent on food, clothing, medicine — to assist the poor who truly need the help. Not that you or your peers would, eh?

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