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Gay couple sues California’s Great America theme park over humiliating photo

A gay couple is suing California’s Great America amusement park, claiming that park employees doctored a photograph of them, then displayed it publicly — captioned with a gay slur.

The lawsuit against the Santa Clara amusement park was filed Monday in Santa Clara County Superior Court by Craig Person and Edmund Yang, both of San Jose.

It is the delayed reaction to an incident on August 17, 2008, that began with a ride on the Psycho Mouse roller coaster.

The two men exited past a counter where park employees were selling photographs taken of patrons during the ride. Person and Yang declined to purchase a shot showing them from overhead, holding hands.

Later in the day, friends discovered the same photograph on display at a different ride’s counter — but with a thought bubble added that contained the phase “Were (sic) Fags!”

The couple made complaints to the theme park early on, but according to their attorney, Elisa Stewart, eventually Great America became “non-responsive.”

Person and Yang said they have suffered ongoing humiliation, and are seeking unspecified damages.

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