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Cher goes Twitter crazy on Bachmann’s ‘gay hating, bully loving, poser Christian ass’

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LGBT ally Cher does not like GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann, and she’s not afraid to tell you either — or her 290,000+ Twitter followers.

After receiving a campaign mailer from Bachmann, Cher took to Twitter on Sunday to post this public reply:

The full text, which includes one additional “tweet” not pictured here, is:

“Just got spam letter from M. Bachman! My reply ! Woman go bake 2 school take history ! & if I was on my deathbed & your best friend was JESUS!!! I WOULDNT VOTE 4 YOUR GAY HATING, BULLY LOVING , POSER CHRISTIAN ASS ! Got One From The TEA PARTY 2.l ! Head STILL SPINNING !Not HAPPY With Leaders.of DEMS & PRES. EIither wtf!”

And that’s that!

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