Damon Thompson infers that AIDS was sent to ‘shorten the years of the wicked’

Over the past two months since I first shared my story and video from when I was present at a “deliverance from homosexuality service” held by The Ramp’s “Prophet” Damon Thompson, my comrades in the fight for equality have put relentless pressure on the homophobic evangelist to back down. But he hasn’t been deterred.

Here’s a video from a service that was held at The Ramp this month where Thompson made a statement obviously directed at the gay community. He seems to point to AIDS as the God-designed punishment for ‘wickedness.’ Notice the laughter from some of the oh-so loving attendees. Watch:

“Proverbs 10:27: ‘The fear of the Lord prolongs days.’ That’s awesome. The fear of the Lord will make you live a long time. Get you some of this stuff, it’s good! ‘But the years of the wicked will be shortened.’ It’s called AIDS.”

Gay people aside, I wonder just how wicked Prophet Thompson thinks the millions of kids in Africa who have died from HIV really are. I really wonder.

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