New York Post rejects marriage equality: ‘If we had a vote, it would be no’

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The New York Post on Tuesday published an editorial rejecting marriage equality, and said that “in the long run … society will be better served by retaining the traditional, time-tested definition of marriage.”

Sure, politics drives everything in Albany, but some topics properly are a matter between legislators, their constituents and their consciences.

We would include same-sex marriage on that list. […]

There is no denying that same-sex marriage could become law this year. This reflects a seismic shift in society’s attitudes on the issue — and a growing acceptance of gays in general.

Still, the question is vexing.

But if we had a vote, it would be no.

The editorial repeatedly cites “Professor” Robert P. George, who argues, “the state would be forced to view [traditional]-marriage supporters as bigots who make groundless and individual distinctions,” which would “undermine religious freedom and the rights of parents to direct the . . . upbringing of their children.”

George is a founder and Chairman Emeritus of the National Organization for Marriage (which the Post does not mention).

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