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Bombshell! — Paula Brooks, Editor of top lesbian blog ‘Lez Get Real’ is a straight man

Bombshell! — Paula Brooks, Editor of top lesbian blog ‘Lez Get Real’ is a straight man

In a bombshell revelation, coming just one day after the author behind a popular Syrian lesbian blog admitted to being a married man, The Washington Post is reporting that editor of the top lesbian news blog “Lez Get Real,” is also a straight, married man.

Source: The Washington Post
Bill Graber, reportedly the fake lesbian blogger aka "Paula Brooks."

The Washington Post reports:

“Paula Brooks,” editor of Lez Get Real since its founding in 2008, is actually Bill Graber, 58, a retired Ohio military man and construction worker who said he had adopted his wife’s identity online. Graber said she was unaware he had been using her name on his site.

Brooks’ identity came under suspicion after news broke that a woman called Amina Arraf on the blog “A Gay Girl in Damascus” might not really be a Syrian lesbian.

Graber said he started the site with “the best of intentions” after witnessing the mistreatment of close friends who were a lesbian couple.

“Paula Brooks” came under suspicion of Washington Post reporters as they investigated the alleged disappearance of the Syrian blogger. At one point, Post reporters suspected that Brooks was actually the person behind the “Gay Girl in Damascus” blog.

Over the three years since founding “Lez Get Real,” Graber maintained Brooks’ online persona as a deaf lesbian mother of two children living in Washington D.C.

Graber said he hoped the truth of his identity would not hurt the site he had built or set back the causes of the gay and lesbian community.

He said he didn’t start the site — which bills itself as A Gay Girl’s View on the World — using his real name, because he thought “people wouldn’t take it seriously, me being a straight man.”

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