New York state lawmaker seeks to repeal recognition of legal same-sex unions

A New York state lawmaker has introduced legislation that would void recognition of gay marriages performed in other states, and said voters in his southwest Brooklyn district “don’t really give a rat’s ass about social issues.”

Martin Golden

The bill sponsored by Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) was introduced on May 20, just days after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and and openly gay Council Speaker Christine traveled to Albany to press Senate Republicans to legalize same-sex marriage, reported the New York Post.

Although legislation to approve gay marriage failed the Senate in 2009, New York does recognize same-sex marriage in the five states that recognize it, including Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Golden’s effort to end that gives conservative senators a rallying point in the fight against gay marriage.

Bloomberg dismissed Golden’s proposal and said there was zero chance for the measure to pass in the legislature.

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