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Maine openly gay teens crowned prom king and queen

Maine openly gay teens crowned prom king and queen

A beautiful story out of southern Maine (one of only two New England States not recognizing marriage equality) — 17 year-old Christian Nelsen was just crowned Sanford High School’s Prom Queen.

Christian and his boyfriend, Caleb Jett decided to put their names in the running as Prom King and Queen to change minds across their community and in their state.

With the help of his friends, Christian got enough votes to win Prom Queen. Happily, his boyfriend Caleb won King. The two wore suits and proudly showed off their tiara and crown and shared a King and Queen dance.

Here’s an interesting point. This interview from WNTW News 8 mentions that while some were very happy for the results of the election, others were very unhappy.

News 8 tried to interview dozens of people and those who were against it declined to comment on camera — one even said he was afraid of offending someone.

How wonderful is it when those who are on the wrong side of history and humanity can acknowledge their ignorance and bigotry through their silence.

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