Former Villanova basketball star Will Sheridan: ‘I’m gay’

Will Sheridan

Former Villanova basketball player Will Sheridan on Monday revealed publicly that he is gay.

Sheridan, who graduated four years ago, and recently launched a rap career, is only the second former Division 1 male basketball player to come out, John Amaechi being the first.

In a profile by Dana O’Neil at, Sheridan shares details of coming out to his college teammates and family, and why he has now decided to come out publicly.

Will Sheridan went to Villanova with the same dream every college kid totes in his suitcases to college — to become the person he was supposed to be.

He found that person. It’s a wonderfully complicated, constantly evolving and multidimensional person.

He’s an athlete, a former Division I basketball player who was good enough to start for most of his four seasons, pivotal seasons as the Wildcats blossomed into a national power.

He’s a musician, with a video (“Welcome to the Jungle”) that has gone mini-viral on YouTube and another one (“302”) about to drop this week.

He’s an artist, a performer who is packing the club scene in New York, people responding to his music and his message.

He’s a businessman, a manager at a world-renowned fashion retailer.

And he happens to be gay.

Sheridan’s revelation is the third high profile “coming out” announcement this week. On Sunday, Phoenix Suns executive Rick Welts and CNN news anchor Don Lemon also announced they are gay.

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