Anti-gay marriage group kicks off statewide bus tour in New York

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The New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation kicked-off their “Mayday For Marriage Tour” in Elmira, N.Y. on Saturday, the first of many stops in a statewide bus tour to preach that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Their message is simple, keep same-sex marriage out of New York State. Reverend Jason McGuire, of the New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation, said, “In same-sex marriage relationships we’re intentionally denying children a mom or a dad. That’s just not right and just not good public policy. We want to encourage marriage between a man and a women.”

The group said they’re spreading their message now because of Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s pro-gay marriage stance. Watch:

The Mayday for Marriage tour will culminate in Albany’s West Capitol Park on May 24th. Stops are planned in Buffalo, Rochester, Staten Island, Long Island, and others.

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