Braves coach on administrative leave over homophobic remarks aimed at fans

Roger McDowell

The Atlanta Braves on Friday placed pitching coach Roger McDowell on administrative leave while they investigate allegations that he made homophobic remarks, obscene gestures and threatened fans at baseball game in San Francisco last weekend.

General manager Frank Wren said he hopes to complete the investigation by end of the weekend, and said that any punishment would be coordinated with Major League Baseball.

“It remains to be seen whether the Atlanta Braves will take real disciplinary action and send a clear message that there is no place for anti-gay remarks or violent threats in baseball,” said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios, in a statement.

“The Braves and Major League Baseball should follow the NBA and WWE by speaking out in support of gay and lesbian baseball fans and players around the country, and by taking steps to make the sport a safe place for everyone,” Barrios said.

Attorney Gloria Allred announced the allegations at a news conference on Wednesday, and claimed that her client, Justin Quinn and his twin 9-year-old daughters, witnessed McDowell unleash several anti-gay comments at three men in the bleachers, and use a baseball bat to simulate gay sex.

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