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Police seek attackers in latest anti-gay assault in New York’s West Village

Police seek attackers in latest anti-gay assault in New York’s West Village
Damian Furtch

New York City police are searching for two men responsible for a hate crime attack on a gay man in the city’s West Village over the weekend.

Via Steph Watts, Watts Up With This???:

26 year old Damian Furtch was on his way home from work at a restaurant late Sat night (Sunday morning), when he stopped off at a McDonalds in NYC’s West Village ( a predominantly gay area) to get some food. It was approx. 4:30 am.

While inside the restaurant Damian noticed 2 men staring at him — giving him “looks” — we have all been there, we know what this feels like. It was late, Damian was tired, he felt uncomfortable and he didn’t want any trouble so he left.

He was across the street, walking away while on the phone to a friend when the 2 men from McDonalds approached him and asked him “if he had a problem” before he knew it he was punched in the face by one man, then instantly felt another punch by the second perp, and then he heard it — “You Fucking Faggot,” the words as hurtful as the punches.

Furtch took several punches to the face before escaping his attackers. He fled to a nearby hospital.

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“Well I thought I was safe in the city I loved, but apparently wearing florescent colored clothing and pink shoe laces really bother some fucking assholes to blind side me and hit me …. 4 stitches, thanks bitches,” Furtch posted on his Facebook page on Sunday, along with additional photos.

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