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Ogden council overrides mayor’s veto, passes non-discrimination ordinance

Ogden council overrides mayor’s veto, passes non-discrimination ordinance

OGDEN, Utah — In a surprise vote, the Ogden City Council this week voted unanimously to overturn the mayor’s veto and pass a non-discrimination ordinance that includes sexual orientation.

After a frantic week of work by activists, all 3 holdouts on the city council changed their vote and voted 7-0 to overturn the veto by Mayor Matthew Godfrey and pass the non-discrimination ordinance on Tuesday, which prohibits discrimination in employment and housing based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The change came after equality advocates agreed to add language to the laws which made it clear that the ordinances in no way would violate the 1st amendment, religious freedom or free speech.

The public comments were still as entertaining as ever, with members of Dave Mallinak’s Baptist church claiming that no christian could ever respect “god” and support the “gay lifestyle.”

Ogden is now one of 12 municipalities in Utah to pass non-discrimination ordinances.

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