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House committee OKs measure aimed at ending support to anti-gay countries

House committee OKs measure aimed at ending support to anti-gay countries
Barney Frank

The House Financial Services Committee this week voted to approve a bill aimed at discouraging U.S. aid to countries that persecute their citizens because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Advocate reports:

According to a statement from Rep. Barney Frank, who introduced the amendment to the committee, the bill passed with nearly unanimous support. The amendment will be added to a House Financial Services Committee bill that outlines budget priorities for issues under the committee’s jurisdiction. According to Frank’s office, the Financial Services Committee’s overwhelming support for his amendment may lead to support in the Budget Committee and the full House.

The text of the amendment reads: “The Committee urges Treasury to advocate that governments receiving assistance from the multilateral development institutions do not engage in gross violations of human rights, for example, the denial of freedom of religion, including the right to choose one’s own religion, and physical persecution based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Frank (D-Mass.) cited Uganda as a recipient of international monetary assistance, but whose laws count homosexuality as a crime.

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