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Colorado civil unions bill passes second Senate committee

Colorado civil unions bill passes second Senate committee
Sen. Pat Steadman

DENVER — A second state Senate committee approved the Colorado civil unions bill on Thursday evening. The Senate Finance Committee approved the measure 5-4, and as expected, the vote was down party lines.

The bill legalizing civil unions, proposed by openly gay Senator Pat Steadman, is expected to face its toughest challenge in the House, where Republicans hold a slim majority. The Catholic Church is also lining up to fight against the proposed law, which would give gay couples many of the rights of marriage.

Via the Denver Catholic Archdiocese:

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Rev. Charles J. Chaput, the Archbishop of Denver, said the bill “undermines the privileged place of marriage and the family.”

“Marriage and the family are cornerstones of any culture – Christian or not. They ensure the future through the creation of new human life. Any diminishment of the identity of marriage and the family undermines society itself.”

All 20 Democratic members of the Senate are co-sponsors to the legislation, making passage in the Democrat-controlled chamber a near certainty. Less certain are the bill’s prospects in the House, where Republicans hold a single seat majority.

Before passing the Senate Finance Committee last night, the Senate Judicial Committee passed the bill earlier this week after listening to the local head of the Eagle Forum go on and on about the ickiness of the anus. You can see that video here.

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