‘Living Social’ commercial: Were transgenders the butt of the joke?

LGBTQ Nation

My Facebook page blew up last night after I posted about a Superbowl commercial by “Living Social” which used Transgender people as a punchline.

The 30-second spot follows the story of how a scruffy-faced man’s addiction to LivingSocial alters his life, transforming himself into a well-groomed cross-dresser as he purchases deals for everything from cupcake to spa treatments to high heels.

Watch the video below and discuss! Did you find it offensive, why or why not?

LivingSocial, based in Washington D.C., is a “deal-of-the-day” website notable for being a key competitor to market leader Groupon.

Personally? I can tell you I won’t be using Living Social any time soon.

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