Doritos gay-themed ‘commercials’ are really just Super Bowl contest entries

Doritos gay-themed ‘commercials’ are really just Super Bowl contest entries

Is Doritos going gay at this year’s Super Bowl?

Two gay-themed commercials are getting a lot of play on the internet, with several mainstream websites reporting Monday that “Doritos posted two gay-themed commercials that the junk food company plans to run during Super Bowl next month.”

Alas, the “commercials” — uploaded to YouTube — are actually entries in the Doritos/Pepsi Max “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, in which aspiring filmmakers submit their own videos for the chance to win cash prizes and have their submissions aired during the game.

Much of the initial feedback has been critical of Doritos for reinforcing negative stereotypes.

In fact, Entertainment Weekly mused: “The commercials would be shrug-worthy if you imagine them playing on Logo, where viewers would be “in” on the joke. Playing the commercials in front of a viewing audience that’s long been courted by boobs and booze makes it more difficult to imagine that gays aren’t being set up as the butt of the joke.”

Rest easy, the ads were not produced by Doritos, and are not even among the 10 finalists listed on the contest website.

So since it’s unlikely you’ll see these on national television, here they are:

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