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Mormon church issues new handbook, but policies on homosexuality as bigoted as ever

Mormon church issues new handbook, but policies on homosexuality as bigoted as ever

SALT LAKE CITY — The Mormon church handed out their new 2010 version of the handbook used by leaders in their church over the weekend. Some are saying their positions on homosexuality have lightened, but have they really?

While it’s true that the Mormons have eliminated some of the more offensive terms, the policies remain unchanged and as bigoted as ever.

By the Mormon church claiming that they have “progressed” in their thinking by making changes, we’re seeing a replay of their support of Salt Lake City’s non-discrimination policies — it costs them nothing to make these small changes but they want the world to praise them for doing it. Sorry, but preaching hate in a nicer way doesn’t change what it is.

On the subject of missions: If someone has participated in homosexual activity during the last 3 teenage years, they can only go on a mission if there is strong evidence of “genuine reformation.” There is a 1 to 3 year waiting period if the person was the “aggressor,” and a person must get a professional evaluation and an HIV test from LDS Family Services (page 29).

Children are still forced to come out to their parents before they may be ready to (page 57).

Homosexuality is still compared to: Attempted Murder, Forcible Rape and Spouse Abuse (page 57).

Homosexual behavior is permanently noted in your church records, meaning no matter where you go the church classifies you as a homo who has committed “sexual sin.” However, heterosexual people who commit “sexual sin” outside of marriage receive no such permanent annotations (page 71).

If someone wishes to be baptized into the Mormon church but has previously committed a “homosexual transgression,” it requires special authorization from a “Mission President.” And just forget about it if you’re transgender. Anyone who has had an “elective transsexual operation” requires authorization from the 1st Presidency themselves before they can be baptized. (pages 143-144)

Gay marriage is still evil (page 166).

Let’s just quote this last part:

“Homosexual behavior violates the commandments of god, is contrary to the purposes of human sexuality, and deprives people of the blessings that can be found in family life… Those who engage in homosexual behavior need to be taught the process of repentance and the purpose of life on earth.”

Homosexuals can only hold callings and perform temple rituals if they are are completely chaste. They also need counseling with LDS Family Services. Oh but if you’re transgender, even if you manage to get authorization to be baptized you can never hold a calling, never visit temples and never get married (page 165).

Sounds like the same bigoted bullshit we’ve been seeing for years doesn’t it? Still wondering where this “softer approach” will actually show itself.

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