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Bowling Green, Ohio voters pass two anti-discrimination ordinances

Bowling Green, Ohio voters pass two anti-discrimination ordinances

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Two anti-discrimination ordinances on the Nov. 2 ballot, aimed at protecting gay and transgendered individuals, were both approved by city voters, according to the Wood County Board of Elections, who certified the election results on Monday.

One of the ordinances expands the list of protected classes in the city’s housing code to include sexual orientation and gender expression. The second ordinance protects those same groups from discrimination in employment, at business establishments, and educational institutions.

Unofficial results on election night had just one of the ordinances passing — the housing code ordinance — and employment ordinance being rejected. Both were by close margins, but when the Board of Elections completed counting the provisional ballots, both measures prevailed.

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The City Council had adopted the measures back in August, 2009, but a group gathered signatures and put the laws to a popular vote through the referendum process.

Bowling Green, located in suburban Toledo, is home to Bowling Green State University.

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