Gay marriage opponents, supporters clash at Rhode Island state capitol

Two members of the National Organization for Marriage pray as a pro-same-sex-marriage protester waves the gay-rights rainbow flag above them. LGBTQ Nation

Armed with chants and shouted prayers, more than 300 opponents and proponents of same-sex marriage faced off Sunday on the south lawn of the Rhode Island State House on Sunday.

Speakers from the New Jersey-based National Organization for Marriage seemed startled as they were encircled by gay rights advocates who yelled, sang, waved the rainbow flag, and chanted “Get your hate out of our state.”

The NOM rode into town as part of a 19 state bus tour, opposing same sex marriage.

Currently, same sex marriage is legal in four New England states, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, but not Rhode Island, and protesters say they want to keep it that way.

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