Psychiatrist known for ‘curing’ gays arrested for sexual assault on male patient

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A psychiatrist known as Dr. Shock for his notorious attempts to “cure” gay military recruits through electroshock therapy has been charged with sexually assaulting a male patient.


Dr. Aubrey Levin, who was arrested in Calgary, Alberta, after he was secretly filmed sexually abusing a male patient, had previously been accused of gross human rights abuses for his treatment of gay soldiers and conscientious objectors in apartheid-era South Africa.

Dr. Aubrey Levin was arrested after a patient secretly filmed the psychiatrist allegedly making sexual advances.

The police say they are investigating similar claims by nearly 30 other patients.

Levin has a long history of homophobia. His treatments often consisted of strapping electrodes to the upper arm of gay soldiers, showing them pictures naked men and encouraging them to fantasize. He then subjected the patients to severe shocks.

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