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Oklahoma man suing state for rejecting ‘IM GAY’ vanity license plate

Oklahoma man suing state for rejecting ‘IM GAY’ vanity license plate

An Oklahoma man is suing the state for rejecting his application for a personalized license plate that proclaims IM GAY.

“I want to tell people who I am and what I am. I’m proud of it. I’m openly gay. I’m not hiding,” said Keith Kimmel.

“What better way to tell everybody than to put it on the back of a car?

The Oklahoma Tax Commission turned down Kimmel’s request for the vanity tag because of an internal rule against special license tags that “may be offensive to the general public,” according to the Oklahoman.

Kimmel points out officials allowed tags such as STR8FAN and STR8SXI.

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“They defended using ‘straight sexy’” said Kimmel. “They didn’t think that one was inappropriate but yet ‘I’m gay’ is. I think it’s kind of a double standard.”

Kimmel, 28, a Norman OK resident, is a political science-pre-law student at Oklahoma City Community College, and filed the suit Wednesday in Oklahoma County District Court hoping the court will order tax officials to grant his application for the IM GAY plate.

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