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New Hampshire House to vote on two anti-gay marriage bills this week

New Hampshire’s House is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a pair of anti-gay marriage bills.

One is a bill, sponsored by Rep. L. Mike Kappler, which would repeal the state’s six-week-old law legalizing gay marriage.

The other is a proposed constitutional amendment, sponsored by Rep. Daniel Itse, which would state that “the state shall only recognize the union of one man and one woman as marriage.”

The Judiciary Committee has recommended that the House kill both measures. Democrats hold a firm majority in the NH statehouse, and appear eager to dispose of the gay marriage debate.

Same-sex marriage supporters said gay couples have gotten married without any detrimental impact on society. They also said it would be wrong to enshrine discrimination in the Constitution.

Opponents said the consummation of gay unions can’t be spoken of in polite society.

In fact, last week, State Rep. Nancy Elliott sparked a national debate after video of her testimony against gay marriage was posted on You Tube.

In her testimony, Elliott graphically described gay sex as “wriggling around in excrement,” and claimed it is being taught to 5th graders as something they “may want to try.”

New Hampshire’s law legalizing gay marriage took effect Jan. 1.

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