Warren denounces Uganda’s anti-gay bill, denies any connection to its supporters

The Rev. Rick Warren, one of the most influential pastors in the country, has joined progressive pastors in speaking out against the so-called Uganda “Kill the Gays” bill, denouncing rumors that he’s ever supported the bill or anyone associated with it.

Rick WarrenIncluded in the original draft of the anti-homosexuality bill before the Ugandan parliament was life imprisonment for people convicted of gay sex, the death penalty for homosexuals who are HIV positive, or those charged with “aggravated homosexuality.”

On Wednesday, the Ugandan Ethics minister James Nsaba Buturo announced that the death penalty and life imprisonment would be dropped from the bill.

But the revised draft still contains imprisonment for failing to report homosexual activity, and for attempting to commit homosexual acts.

Warren has been targeted online and in media reports claiming he is connected to the individuals behind the bill.

In a press release Thursday, Warren called the allegations false, and issued this public letter to Uganda pastors deploring “this terrible bill” — watch here:

Uganda to drop death penalty from anti-gay legislation

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