De Rossi schools ‘The View’ on gay marriage: ‘It’s a civil rights issue’

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Portia-de-Rossi-on-The-ViewPortia de Rossi appeared on The View this week, discussing being married to Ellen Degeneres, Proposition 8, and civil unions vs. marriage.

De Rossi schools the hosts on why the legality of gay marriage is important, that it’s “not a religious issue, or a moral issue… it’s just simply a civil rights issue.”

“The fact that the majority can get to vote on the rights of the minority seems very un-American to me,” she added.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, struggling with the idea of gay marriage asked, “Take men and women. Women want all the rights of men, but they’re not asking to be called men. Do you think … the word (marriage) more important than the rights?”

De Rossi countered, “Of course the word isn’t more important than the right, but without the word, we don’t have equal rights” and that gay couples will continue to be seen as “lesser in society.”

Catch the full interview here:

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