‘Out’ magazine reveals annual list of gays and allies who ‘made our year’

Out 100 2009Adam Lambert, Wanda Sykes and Cyndi Lauper are among the Out 100 “Class of 2009” – a group of 100 gay men, lesbians, transgender people and allies who “made our year” – in the magazine’s upcoming December 2009 issue.

Lambert, the 27-year-old American Idol runner-up alum was named the Breakout Star, Sykes earned Entertainer of the Year, and Lauper, Ally of the Year.

Highlights from this year’s annual Out 100 edition:

Lambert on his sexulaity: “To some people, me being sexual is really offensive because I’m gay. They’re like, ‘He’s being really gay.’ And I’m like, actually, ‘No, I’m just being sexual.’ Male sexuality is frightening to America [but] female sexuality is all over the place.”

Sykes on coming out: After years of whispers and speculation, she felt she had no choice but to come out after California passed Proposition 8 in November. “It’s great being out. Everything is out on the table and I am what I am.”

Lauper on supporting the gay community: “We had the civil rights movement in the ’60s, women had to fight in the ’70s, and it’s just insane to think in 2009 there’s still a group of Americans recognized as ‘less than’ the rest of us.”

The Out 100 issue hits newsstands Tuesday, November 24. For the complete list of the 100 people recognized, visit

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