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Jorge Steven López Mercado, teen slain in Puerto Rico, laid to rest

Lopez MercadoFootage from the funeral of Jorge Steven López Mercado in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, on Monday shows his grief-stricken mother remembering the moment she accepted her son as gay.

According to a translation provided by the blogger Blabbeando, Myriam Mercado recalls the moment an emotionally upset Steven told her he was gay.

“Aw, son … if I loved you, now I will love you more,” she said.

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Mercado’s body was found decapitated, dismembered and partially burned in a wooded area near Cayey on Friday, Nov. 13.

Juan A. Martinez Matos was arrested a few days later, and will be charged with first-degree murder and four other counts, according to the prosecutor.

Michael Lavers at Edge reports more on the funeral.

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