No more gay jokes on ‘American Idol’ with Ellen in the judge’s chair

Ellen DegeneresFrom

A long-running “inside joke” between American Idol stars Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell has come to an end, now that Ellen Degeneres has replaced Paula Abdul on the show.

Fans of the show know that there has been a weird, often inappropriate sexual tension between host Seacrest and judge Cowell for years, with Simon constantly cracking gay jokes. But according to sources, that’s about to change, because producers don’t want to offend Ellen.

Don’t expect to hear Simon Cowell needle Ryan Seacrest about being gay on “American Idol” this season, sources say.

“Idol” execs have warned both stars to cut out their usual gay banter when talk-show host Ellen Degeneres, who came out of the closet years ago, joins the series, insiders say.

Simon and Ryan have had their fun poking at each other’s sexuality for eight seasons now, even though neither one of them is gay.

“With an openly gay woman coming on board, an effort is being made to make her feel welcome,” a source divulged.

“Simon’s been told, and to a lesser extent Ryan too, that the act is played out anyway, so no more ribbing each other about being gay. The ‘Idol’ bosses don’t want it.”

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