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IGLCC reports BT Group, IBM, Dow Chemical among most gay-friendly corporations

The International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (IGLCC) unveiled the results of the first edition of the International Business Equality Index today, announcing BT Group, followed by IBM and The Dow Chemical Company, as the most gay-friendly corporations world-wide.

IGLCC equality indexThe Index is a measurement of the performance of multinational corporations in relation to Diversity and Inclusion issues specifically focusing on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities in the countries where they operate.

While corporations scoring high on the index are powerful examples of how diversity and inclusion programs can be very successful, IGLCC’s 2009 Index findings also point to a darker side: nearly 50% of global corporations participating in the survey do not have LGBT Diversity & Inclusion managers.

Get the ILGCC 2009 Equality Index here.

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