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Marriage News Watch: Sixth Circuit recap, 3 states head to Supreme Court

| Monday, August 11, 2014
Gay marriage supporters march from the Potter Stewart United States Courthouse, rear, Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014, to Fountain Square in Cincinnati.
This week’s Marriage News Watch report from Matt Baume at the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) recaps last week's hearings in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in the challenges to four states' same-sex marriage bans, while appeals from three other states land at the U.S. Supreme Court. Plus, Wisconsin organizers have formed a new group called ...

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New campaign launched to build support for marriage equality in Wisconsin

| Thursday, August 7, 2014
MADISON, Wis. -- Gay rights advocates have launched a new website to build support for same-sex marriage in Wisconsin. The American Civil Liberties Union’s Wisconsin chapter along with Fair Wisconsin, a gay rights organization, and Freedom to Marry, a national organization pushing for gay marriage...

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Target joins legal brief supporting marriage equality

| Wednesday, August 6, 2014
MINNEAPOLIS -- Target Corp. is adding its name to a legal defense of gay marriage, joining other large companies that are taking a stand, just four years after the retailer came under criticism for supporting a strident opponent of same-sex unions. Target said it has signed a court brief backing marriage equality in a pending court case and publicly declared its support ...

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Federal appeals courts prepare to hear slew of same-sex marriage cases

| Tuesday, August 5, 2014
The Potter Stewart U.S. Courthouse in Cincinnati is the home of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. The court will hear arguments Wednesday in six same-sex marriage cases from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.
CINCINNATI -- Federal appeals courts covering nearly half the United States will soon hear arguments on whether gay and lesbian couples have a right to marry, part of a slew of cases putting pressure on the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a final verdict. If the appeals courts continue the unbroken eight-month streak of rulings in favor of gay marriage, that could make...

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Plaintiffs in Wis. marriage appeal: ‘Ban serves no rational government purpose’

| Monday, August 4, 2014
MADISON, Wis. — Plaintiffs for eight same-sex couples who challenged Wisconsin’s gay marriage ban are telling a federal appeals court that the ban denies same-sex couples legal protections and serves no rational government purpose. The American Civil Liberties Union made the arguments in a brief filed with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday.

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AG wouldn’t defend partner registry, but will defend same-sex marriage ban

| Thursday, July 31, 2014
Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen (R-Wis.)
MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen says he stands by his decision not to defend Wisconsin's domestic partner registry. The Wisconsin Supreme Court said Thursday that the registry giving limited benefits to same-sex couples does not violate the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. The registry was enacted ...

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Wis. Supreme Court upholds state’s domestic partner registry

| Thursday, July 31, 2014
Entrance to the Wisconsin Supreme Court at the state capitol building in Madison.
MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin's domestic partner registry does not violate the state's ban on gay marriage, the state Supreme Court said Thursday in a unanimous decision that gay rights activists hailed as an important but intermediate step in legalizing same-sex marriage. Democratic lawmakers enacted the registry that provides limited benefits to same-sex couples...

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Marriage News Watch: State lawyers ignore public support for marriage equality

| Monday, July 28, 2014
The rules have changed yet again this week in Colorado, with new rulings on marriage from multiple courts. New polls show growing support for equality in western states, but multiple Attorneys General have filed new briefs to stop gay and lesbian couples from marrying. And another Republican member of Congress has come out in favor of the freedom to marry...

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Seventh Circuit schedules arguments in appeals of same-sex marriage rulings

| Friday, July 25, 2014
INDIANAPOLIS -- Lawyers will argue the constitutionality of same-sex marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin in about a month. Federal judges in Indiana and Wisconsin overturned each state's gay marriage ban in separate rulings. When both states appealed, the 7th Circuit Court combined the cases and set aside the previous hearing date.

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Briefs piling up from same-sex marriage opponents in Ind., Wis. appeals

| Thursday, July 24, 2014
Kem Highfill, left, and Richard Rehm fill out their marriage license at county clerks office Saturday, June 7, 2014, in Madison, Wis. On Friday a federal judge struck down the state's gay marriage ban.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Opponents of same-sex marriage cited political theory, social stability and even biblical text in legal briefs filed this week in federal court, where Indiana and Wisconsin are appealing rulings that overthrew their bans on gay weddings. At least 20 briefs have been filed in the case that's currently before the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, including...

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