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Marriage Equality: A constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and recognition of other forms of same-sex partnership solemnized in other jurisdictions, was approved by voters in November 2005. The constitutional ban is currently being challenged in federal court in three separate cases: De Leon v. Perry, McNosky v. Perry, and Zahrn v. Perry.

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Texas Supreme Court tackles whether state can grant same-sex divorces

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
AUSTIN, Texas -- The issues of same-sex marriage and divorce are set to go before the Texas Supreme Court. [ Read more → ]
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Bullied, gay student suspended after tearing pages from personal Bible

Monday, November 4, 2013
RICHLAND HILLS, Texas -- The American Humanist Association, an atheist rights advocacy organization, has sent a complaint letter to a Texas school district, claiming that administrators violated a student's First Amendment rights when they suspended him for tearing Bible pages in school. [ Read more → ]

Two same-sex couples file federal challenge to Texas gay marriage ban

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Two same-sex couples on Monday filed a lawsuit in federal court, challenging Texas' constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. [ Read more → ]

Victory Fund announces ‘Ten Races to Watch’ featuring LGBT candidates

Friday, October 25, 2013
The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund has announced its annual “Races to Watch” list featuring openly LGBT candidates, naming 10 candidates involved in groundbreaking runs for political office this year. Victory has endorsed a total of 85 out candidates for 2013, an all-time high for an odd numbered year. [ Read more → ]
Carlo Key

Texas judge splits from GOP because he can ‘no longer tolerate’ anti-gay party

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
SAN ANTONIO --- A Texas judge announced Monday he is leaving the Republican party because he can "no longer tolerate" a party that demeans people for their sexual orientation. [ Read more → ]
San Antonio, Texas

Petition drive to repeal San Antonio LGBT non-discrimination ordinance fails

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
SAN ANTONIO, Texas — An effort to repeal San Antonio's LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance died Tuesday when opponents of the measure failed to gather the required signature to put a referendum before voters. [ Read more → ]
Elisa Chan

Anti-gay San Antonio councilwoman resigns to run for Texas state Senate

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
SAN ANTONIO -- The San Antonio city councilwoman who made national headlines recently after a secret recording of a staff meeting was leaked in which she was heard calling gays “disgusting,” resigned Monday and announced her intent to run for the Texas state Senate. [ Read more → ]

Texas dad gives his son a lesson in humiliation as punishment for bullying

Friday, October 4, 2013
KILLEEN, Texas -- A Texas boy who has been in trouble at school several times for bullying, has learned a lesson in humiliation after spending an afternoon announcing to passers-by that he is a bully. [ Read more → ]
Arron Keahey

Texas gay man left beaten and bloody after planned meeting using mobile app

Monday, September 23, 2013
SPRINGTOWN, Texas -- Police in this small Texas town northwest of Fort Worth are investigating a possible hate crime in the brutal attack on a gay man after he arranged to meet another man using a mobile app called MeetMe. [ Read more → ]
Annise Parker

Houston mayor: Passing a non-discrimination law is ‘something we should do’

Friday, September 20, 2013
HOUSTON -- San Antonio's recent passage of an LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance leaves Houston, the nation's fourth largest city, as the only major metropolitan area in Texas without its own citywide ordinance, and mayor Annise Parker says the city should follow suit. [ Read more → ]

San Antonio officials targeted for recall for supporting LGBT protections

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- A group of Texas Republicans and religious conservatives are pushing efforts to recall San Antonio city council members who voted in favor of a recently expanded non-discrimination ordinance that includes protections based on seual orientation and gender identity. [ Read more → ]

Pat Robertson: San Antonio will jail Christians over anti-discrimination law

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Pat Robertson and his Christian Broadcasting Network filed a report Wednesday that falsely claimed that having a “biblical view” on sexuality has been “criminalized” in San Antonio, Texas. [ Read more → ]
Nikki Araguz

Transgender woman denied marriage license due to Texas’ gay marriage ban

Monday, September 16, 2013
HOUSTON -- The transgender widow of a Texas firefighter, whom a judge ruled in 2011 was not entitled to her late husband’s death benefits because she was born a man, is now challenging Texas law once more by attempting to get married again. [ Read more → ]
Garett Fisbeck, The Dallas Morning News/APMiss Veda Chardonnay, center, rides in a car during the 30th Annual Dallas Gay Pride Parade, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013.

Too edgy? Too tame? Gay pride parades spark debate

Monday, September 16, 2013
Initiated as small, defiant, sexually daring protests, gay pride parades have become mainstream spectacles patronized by corporate sponsors and straight politicians as they spread nationwide. For many gays, who prize the events' edginess, the shift is unwelcome - as evidenced by bitter debate preceding Sunday's parade in Dallas. [ Read more → ]
Major Gen. John Nichols

Guard commander asks Texas AG for legal opinion on same-sex military benefits

Friday, September 6, 2013
AUSTIN, Texas -- The commander of the Texas National Guard is asking the state's attorney general for a legal opinion about whether he can process applications for military benefits for same-sex couples under a Pentagon directive even though gay marriage is banned in Texas. [ Read more → ]
Eric Gay, APJulie Pousson, right, and Jennifer Echeverry, left, celebrate after an LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance was passed by the San Antonio city council, Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013.

San Antonio approves LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance

Thursday, September 5, 2013
SAN ANTONIO — The San Antonio City Council has approved the LGBT-inclusive discrimination ordinance by a vote of 8-3. Developing, check back for update. [ Read more → ]
Eric Gay, APFaith leaders who support a proposed non-discrimination ordinance gather on the steps of City Hall, Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013, in San Antonio.

Gay rights ordinance in San Antonio draws objections from GOP, faith leaders

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
SAN ANTONIO — Gay rights victories in Texas haven't come at the Capitol but at city hall. While nondiscrimination bills in the Legislature languish, Houston has a lesbian mayor and Austin offers health benefits for same-sex couples. [ Read more → ]

Texas, Mississippi National Guard refuse to process same-sex couples’ benefits

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas National Guard is refusing to process requests for benefits submitted by same-sex couples because of the state constitution's definition of marriage. [ Read more → ]
KSAT-TVElisa Chan

San Antonio councilwoman faces ethics complaint after calling gays ‘disgusting’

Thursday, August 29, 2013
SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- San Antonio city councilwoman Elisa Chan is facing an ethics complaint filed by a city resident accusing her of violating city policies by using city staff, time and property for a "partisan political purpose." [ Read more → ]
Sophia Young

San Antonio WNBA player Sophia Young speaks out against same-sex marriage

Thursday, August 29, 2013
SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- WNBA player Sophia Young of the San Antonio Silver Stars was among the hundreds of protesters who rallied Tuesday against proposed updates to the city's non-discrimination ordinance that would add protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. [ Read more → ]

Texas high court to consider state jurisdiction over same-sex divorces

Saturday, August 24, 2013
AUSTIN, Texas -- The Texas Supreme Court says it will consider whether the state has jurisdiction over same-sex divorces and the constitutionality of the state's law banning same-sex marriage. [ Read more → ]
Julian Castro

San Antonio mayor fires back at LGBT advocacy group over travel warning

Thursday, August 22, 2013
SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has fired back at an LGBT advocacy group for issuing a travel alert advising the LGBT community to avoid San Antonio until the city takes action on a hotly debated non-discrimination ordinance. [ Read more → ]

San Antonio councilwoman breaks silence, stands by inflammatory remarks

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Embattled San Antonio city councilwoman Elisa Chan, secretly recorded during a staff meeting describing homosexuality as “so disgusting,” "crazy" and “against nature,” said in a press conference Tuesday that “political correctness will not win the day” and stood by her inflammatory remarks. [ Read more → ]
Elisa Chan

San Antonio councilwoman defends secretly recorded anti-gay remarks

Monday, August 19, 2013
SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio city council woman who was secretly recorded during a staff meeting in which she said homosexuality is “so disgusting” and “against nature," defended her comments Monday in her first public statement on the controversy that erupted last week. [ Read more → ]
Elisa Chan

San Antonio city councilwoman: Homosexuality is ‘so disgusting,’ ‘against nature’

Saturday, August 17, 2013
SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- A secret recording of a staff meeting to discuss a proposed citywide non-discrimination ordinance captured a San Antonio city councilwoman discussing why homosexuality is "so disgusting" and "against nature." [ Read more → ]
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