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Brenner v. Scott

Brenner v. Scott is a federal lawsuit filed Feb. 28, 2104, in U.S. District Court in Tallahassee, challenging Florida's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. The plaintiffs, Jim Brenner and Chuck Jones, are a same-sex couple who married in Canada in 2009, seeking to have their marriage recognized in the state of Florida. On March 18, 2014, Steve Schlariet and Ozzie Russ, an unmarried same-sex couple from Chipley, Fla., joined the suit, and the challenge was expanded to include unmarried, same-sex couples seeking the freedom to marry.

A second federal challenge Grimsley v. Scott, filed March 12, 2014, was ordered consolidated by consent with Brenner v. Scott.

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Almost 1,400 same-sex marriage licenses issued in Florida’s top 28 counties

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Flanked by their mothers, Berta Arguello, left, and Marlene Pareto, right, Catherina Pareto, second from right, and her partner Karla Arguello, second from left, wait to be married by Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel, Monday, Jan. 5, 2015 in Miami. Judge Zabel provided a jump-start Monday to Florida's entry as the 36th state where gays and lesbians can legally marry. The women were plaintiffs in the Miami-Dade challenge to Florida's gay marriage ban.
Almost 1,400 gay and lesbian couples were issued marriage licenses in 28 of Florida's most-populous counties in the two days since a ban on same-sex marriage was lifted. ...

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Florida same-sex couples prepare for marriage ban to fall at midnight

Monday, January 5, 2015
Florida's ban on marriages between same-sex couples is headed for a midnight end, with wedding vows planned around the state. ...

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Meet the other couple at the center of Florida’s same-sex marriage challenge

Sunday, January 4, 2015
Ozzie Russ, left and his partner Steve Schlarie at the ranch in Chipley, Fla.
Steve Schlariet and Ozzie Russ say they never sought the spotlight of social activism, the spotlight found them. In March, 2014, the couple joined a lawsuit seeking marriage equality in Florida. ...

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Meet the couple who forced Florida to recognize same-sex marriages

Saturday, January 3, 2015
Chuck Jones (left) and Jim Brenner.
On Feb. 28, 2014, Jim Brenner and Chuck Jones did something that is about to make history: They filed the civil-rights lawsuit that on Tuesday will allow same-sex couples across Florida to get married. ...

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Florida clerks announce plans to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

Friday, January 2, 2015
Clerks will start using the revised forms on Oct. 1.
Court clerks across Florida will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples beginning January 6, but more than a dozen clerks will end all courthouse weddings to avoid officiating same-sex ceremonies. ...

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Federal judge: All Florida clerks have a duty to issue same-sex marriage licenses

Thursday, January 1, 2015
A federal judge on Thursday ruled that all Florida court clerks are bound by the U.S. Constitution not to enforce Florida's same-sex marriage ban and that any couple seeking a license on Tuesday should receive one. ...

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Florida asks judge to decide who can issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

Monday, December 29, 2014
Attorney General Pam Bondi has asked a federal judge to clarify whether clerks in all counties can issue marriage licenses to gay couples starting next week. ...

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Florida county asks federal judge to clarify same-sex marriage ruling

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
The county at the center of Florida's same-sex marriage debate is asking a federal judge to clarify his order and scope of ruling declaring the state's gay marriage ban unconstitutional. ...

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U.S. Supreme Court refuses to block same‑sex marriages in Florida

Friday, December 19, 2014
U.S. Supreme Court
Marriage equality is coming to Florida... the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday refused to extend a stay past Jan. 5 of a federal judge's ruling striking down the state's same-sex marriage ban. ...

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Florida plaintiffs’ oppositions to stay of federal marriage ruling

Friday, December 19, 2014
Secretary, Florida Department of Health v. Brenner/Grimsley (Florida Supreme Court application for stay); Plaintiffs' file oppositions to ttay ...

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