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Kergan Edwards-Stout is an award-winning director, screenwriter, and author, whose debut novel Songs for the New Depression is a shortlisted in the 2011 Indie Lit Awards. In addition to LGBTQ Nation, he has also contributed to the Huffington Post and the Bilerico Project, blogs regularly at, and is honored to have been named be one of HRC’s 2011 Fathers of the Year.

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To the reader who saved my life…

Kergan Edwards-Stout
Dear Bob, As we enter this new year, full of promise and possibility, I realized that I could not in all fairness properly close out the old without first repaying a major debt. One that I owe to you, ...

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Out Indie artist Matt Gold learns he must ‘drown’ before he can ‘swim’

In the not-so-distant past, gay musicians hid in the closet or played coy about their sexuality, but today’s artists are an entirely different breed. For up and coming singer-songwriter Matt Gold, being gay may be a given, but is ...

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Acclaimed gay author surprises with two new novels

Trebor Healey
I first met fellow writer Trebor Healey at Palm Springs Pride, where we were both signing copies of our novels at the Authors’ Village. Given that the title of my first novel includes the word “depression” and his recent ...

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‘Band of Thebes’ helps community source the best of LGBT literature

With LGBT bookstores shuttering and the consolidation of gay media resulting in reduced promotional opportunities for publishers and authors, few venues remain for discovering literature reflecting the gay experience. Happily, Stephen Bottum continues to provide one of the best sources ...

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It’s World AIDS Day. Does anyone care anymore?

Today, people still die from AIDS. While drug advancements have substantially decreased that number, it has also created the false-belief that contracting the disease is essentially meaningless. To some, taking one pill a day is an easy trade-off ...

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Author makes the leap from gay erotica to ‘legitimacy’

Xavier Axelson
Following success as a writer of erotica and as columnist for, author Xavier Axelson has surprised readers with his debut novel,"Velvet," a work of historical fiction which tells the tale of a royal tailor. ...

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Love, loss, and art: A conversation between two gay novelists

Fellow author Jeffrey Ballam and I share many characteristics. We are both gay men, debut novelists, human rights advocates, Twitter friends, and have undergone the grieving process, with each of us experiencing a partner’s death due to HIV/AIDS. I have ...

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Obama’s victory and the aftermath of ‘Please de-friend me’

Photo by Sara + RyanKergan (front, right) with his partner Russ, and their two sons.
This election was close -- much closer than it should have been. For those of us committed to progressive causes, it was a reminder that we need to work even harder to ensure future such races contain a message which ...

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A U.S. President’s Great, Great, Grandson’s Big Gay Vampire Novel

While it may come as a surprise to learn that Ulysses S. Grant’s great-great-grandson, Ulysses Grant Dietz, serves as Chief Curator for New Jersey’s Newark Museum, it might come as a bigger surprise that he is also an author, with ...

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Elizabeth Emken: The making of an anti-gay politician

The vision stays with me, even after all these years. I’m in junior high, and I’ve just looked into the eyes of an overweight girl, having just delivered a devastatingly cruel blow. Her bright blue eyes, haunted and ...

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