Kergan Edwards-Stout

Kergan Edwards-Stout is an award-winning director, screenwriter, and author, whose debut novel Songs for the New Depression is a shortlisted in the 2011 Indie Lit Awards. In addition to LGBTQ Nation, he has also contributed to the Huffington Post and the Bilerico Project, blogs regularly at, and is honored to have been named be one of HRC’s 2011 Fathers of the Year.

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Halloween horrors: The ghost of Proposition 8 returns…

The majority of California’s “innocent children” are under attack from a vile, twisted bunch hoping to ogle the opposite sex in the bathroom. Just as in Prop 8, the LGBT community is being equated with pedophiles. That tired old “abnormal” ...

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Author Paul Boynton on embracing life beyond 50: Begin with ‘Yes’

Paul Boynton
How best to move forward through life is one of the questions author, life coach, and non-profit CEO Paul Boynton asks and attempts to answer on a daily basis. As author of the inspirational Begin With Yes and the ...

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AIDS at 32: For whom the bell tolls – 32 notables share their stories

Having lost friends, co-workers, and a lover, Shane Sawick, to AIDS, I am all too acutely aware of the personal impact the disease has had on my life.  Coming of age during the height of the epidemic, my experiences in ...

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A conversation with Brian Centrone, author of ‘An Ordinary Boy’

Cherise Gordon, Design by luke kurtisBrian Centrone
I had the pleasure of first meeting Brian Centrone last year at the Rainbow Book Fair in New York. We’d become virtual friends via Twitter, connecting through a group of writers who support each other’s work. Friendly and ...

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Memories and Memorials — for the countless many, lost far too young

For me, Memorial Day is about honoring not only those who died fighting for our freedom, but also those closer, lost to far different battles, particularly AIDS. ... And so, this Memorial Day, I’ll pause and honor the many of ...

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How I survived a plague

Kergan (right) and family.
I survived a plague. It once seemed unfathomable I’d ever write such words, let alone experience just such a cataclysmic event. Growing up in a bland but largely protected Southern California suburb in the 60s and 70s, I had no ...

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Move over, ‘Dear Abby.’ ‘Ask Dr. Darcy’ is straight talk for the gay community

Have you ever had a question on which you needed straight-shooting, professional advice? Dr. Darcy Sterling, a licensed clinical social worker based in the SoHo section of New York City, dishes up just that on a regular basis through ...

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Groundbreaking gay mystery series finally comes to e-book

As the revolutionary Henry Rios series finally comes to e-book, Michael Nava took time to share more with me about the development of the character, his thoughts on bringing an end to the Rios series, and his forthcoming novel, The ...

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‘Miss Broadway Dork’ revealed as swan

Alex Heinen
Musical theater lovers, rejoice! Show business has a new star, and you won’t have to fork over a month’s rent paying Broadway-style ticket prices to see her. Not only can you watch her from the comfort of your very ...

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Legendary author Patricia Nell Warren: Ever the Front Runner

Patricia Nell Warren
I recall it as if it were yesterday: stepping inside the sprawling bookstore, which smelled faintly of dust; walking past the periodicals, where gay porn titles peeked at me ever-so-discretely from the uppermost row; crossing to the back of the ...

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