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Kergan Edwards-Stout is an award-winning director, screenwriter, and author, whose debut novel Songs for the New Depression is a shortlisted in the 2011 Indie Lit Awards. In addition to LGBTQ Nation, he has also contributed to the Huffington Post and the Bilerico Project, blogs regularly at, and is honored to have been named be one of HRC’s 2011 Fathers of the Year.

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Johnny Depp: ‘All my characters are gay’

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
When studios execs proved overly concerned about Captain Jack Sparrow's sexuality, Depp rose to the occasion well. ...

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Daily HIV medications might be replaced by bimonthly injections

Studies have found that long-lasting, injectable versions of popular medications were just as effective in fighting HIV as a daily dose of them in pill form.
The results of an 8-month study into injectable medication for HIV are out, and the news is good. ...

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Put a ring on it: Why marriage matters

Russ and Kergan's wedding.
While the LGBT community continues to battle discriminatory legislation in states across the country, it gives me some measure of comfort to know that this month the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the long-raging debate over same gender ...

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Twenty years ago today…

It is astounding how our body holds and stores memories, filing them away, only to open their drawer unexpectedly to remind us of their presence. I had planned on sleeping in late this morning, but on my first deep ...

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Award-winning author David Pratt on love, family, and ‘Looking After Joey’

David Pratt, Lambda Award-winning novelist for “Bob the Book,” is back with a funny and touching new novel, “Looking After Joey." In it, Calvin, a single accountant, must look after Joey, a porn character who unexpectedly steps through the TV ...

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AIDS. Remember me?

AP (File)
On the morning of my 30th birthday, I checked my then-partner, Shane Sawick, into the hospital. He would not come out. Shane died just two weeks later, suffering from Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML); one disease, among many, battled in his ...

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Leslie Cheung’s biography: 11 years after his death, fans remember his warmth

Leslie Cheung
Leslie Cheung's fans came to him through their love of his music and his performances on the screen, both large and small, but they stayed with him, and even now, over 11 years after his death, they stay with him ...

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Garrett Miller: Chasing his dreams with ‘Eyes Wide’

Garrett Miller
Garrett Miller’s Rated G Radio is burning up the airwaves every weeknight, covering the latest in news, entertainment, and culture, culminating in a Friday night dance party. ...

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This holiday season, share your gay gifts with the world

Like many other LGBT people, I grew up thinking that I was all alone in the world. I knew of no other gay folks, either out or closeted, and the absence of role models likely contributed to my sense of ...

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Award-winning LGBT Book ‘Missing’ becomes the Indie movie ‘He is Gone’

Having read and enjoyed the LGBT novel Missing, by Drake Braxton, which I found to be a fun and unique romance/mystery, I wasnít surprised when the book went on to win several awards, including Best Gay Fiction for the New ...

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