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New Mexico

N.M. county clerk, deputy resign to avoid issuing marriage licenses to gay couples

Friday, December 20, 2013

PORTALES, N.M. — Two New Mexico officials responsible for issuing marriage licenses resigned their position on Friday, just one day after the state Supreme Court ordered all 33 county clerks to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Donna Carpenter

Donna Carpenter

Roosevelt County Clerk Donna Carpenter and her chief deputy, Janet Collins, tendered their resignations Friday, according to ProgressNowNM, a statewide advocacy group. The group said County Manager Charlene Webb confirmed the resignations.

Although Webb declined to say why they quit, county commissioners confirmed it was in protest of Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling that says it’s unconstitutional to bar same-sex couples from getting marriage licenses.

Commissioner Bill Cathey says the two had made it clear they would quit “rather than be associated with that.”

“We respect that these women made a tough decision,” said Pat Davis of ProgressNowNM. “In the end, their decision to resign is honorable if they feel that they are unable to execute their duties under the law.”

The ruling Thursday came after county officials asked the high court to clarify the law and establish a uniform state policy on same-sex marriage.

Historically, county clerks in New Mexico have denied marriage licenses to same-sex couples because state statutes include a marriage license application with sections for male and female applicants.

“All of our county clerks deserve credit for coming together to ask for a definitive decision on this issue of equality and we look forward to every clerk in the state offering licenses to every loving couple in their county,” said Davis.

Webb said the clerk’s office is closed until the commission meets Monday to hire a replacement.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  • Karen Horn

    Can you see my eyes rolling? It’s okay to issue licenses to people who have been married several times or people who are cheaters, adulterers etc, but God forbid you should issue a license to gay people who have the legal right.

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  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Good for her? I don’t mean any disrespect but this story is just silly. People who work for state and local governments should cope with the fact that all kinds of citizens may *gasp* come into their office and get a government service. It’s not a religious office…

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  • Maggie Mann

    Fine with me – people who are that bigoted should not be in that position to begin with. When Colorado legalized civil unions (we’re still waiting for marriage equality), a couple I know went to the Longmont city clerk’s office the first day; they were met with balloons, treats & cheering secretaries!

  • Shawna Edwards

    New Mexico has some seriously racists and bigot leadership

  • Laurie Equality Todd

    Yeah, that’s it- stand up for what you believe, even to your own detriment! Ohh, God is going to reward you so well! I hope that religious dignity pays your bills!

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    I imagine the same thing happened when black people got rights under the law…

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  • Susan E. DeFiglio

    Screw her, I hope that action effects her retirement. I hope next time she is in the hospital her caregivers are gay and tell her so.

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  • Jude Marie

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  • Emanuel Tekle

    Ok, when I saw her pic, before reading, I thought it was one of our lesbian sisters! Lol Stereotyping? Maybe…
    But I’ve experienced gays that didn’t come out and are bitter and want to deny the out and proud our rights. Just come out and join your kind! So you’re religious, married, come from a conservative home, you’re still who you’re! Why let fear dictate to this degree…

  • Irma Carpenter

    well that is her choice….we are to love one another and respect our human rights…but some don’t see it that way..” believe what i believe or i will condemn you” hypocrits!

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  • Kirsten Storemski

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  • Ronald S. Batson

    well, okay. that should save time / trouble for a lot of people.

  • Nannette Johnstone

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  • Millissa Therrien

    Good. Once all the backward thinking crusty people go, the gay army will be free to go forth with it’s nefarious agenda of ruining the sanctity of marriage. Muahahahahaaaaa!! :-)

  • Brian Minish-Malinconico

    Let them quite, less idiots in government to deal with.

  • Trina Zielinski Anderson

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    Good. We don’t need people like that.

  • Richard Williams

    Because it will violate her religious beliefs? Well, what does she do when Jews and Muslims get married in her jurisdiction? Jews and Muslims are marrying before the wrong god, right?

  • Michael Chavez

    Bye! Smoochez boo boo!

  • Donald Hull

    GOOD RIDDANCE! It wasn’t her job to discern other peoples lives.

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    Bigots need to go anyhow! Bye!

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  • Nani Lawrence Weasley

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  • Kimberlie Goodnough

    Omg all these comments are cracking me up…

  • Michael Legnon

    Bye. Don’t let the doorknob hit ya where the good lord split ya…

  • Dani L. EducatedRatchet Rebel

    They resigned so they may receive their own marriage certificate together and comfortably live off their pensions. After returning from their honeymoon in Hawaii of course.

    Either way, get to steppin’ because your kind is being phased out!

  • Michele Bishop

    Good riddance!

  • Karri Wilson Sunderman


  • Helen Hover

    They are honorable women. I respect them for standing by their beliefs. I may not agree with them, but I don’t know many people who give up their job for their belief

  • Anthony Sepulveda

    “Resigns”? Are they sure it’s not “dies”?

  • Daniel Gore

    Good. Creating jobs…I like it!

  • Valerie Hollingsworth

    Prior to this, did they have problems issuing marriage licenses to atheists?

  • Sarah Feldy

    Their loss

  • David Brewer

    Did they care about giving marriage licenses to women who were not virgins? What about people who didn’t believe in a Christian God? These are the type of people that give religion a bad name.

  • Mercury Ryoko Frazier

    Good. Good for her. She had enough sense to walk away instead of making life difficult for others.

  • Adam Duncan

    I may not be popular with a lot of people when I say this!!!…..As a gay Christian you all that speak evil of this lady should be ashamed of yourselves. For years the gay community has played the victim of….”Oh how bad are other people are for talking about us and saying things against us, but yet you as childish as you are stoop to the level of people that would speak out against the lgbt community you speak out against others….You all have really become the hypocritical bigots….This woman resigned in silence without speaking a word against the lgbt community… but of course you can’t let her resign with dignity and respect….without opening rude childish comments against her. God have mercy on all of you that speak out in disrespect.

    • Erik Rik Domer Graham

      Well said!!!!

    • Sylvia Eiriksson

      Fuck her and fuck your imaginary god.

    • Gil Kudrin

      seperation of church and state…

    • Laurie Wutzke

      Well said Adam!

    • Adam Duncan

      @Erirk Thanks…@Sylvia Did not ask you to believe in my “imaginary god”….@Gil If that were true then we would only legally be able to employ atheist throughout the government because 95% of the world believe in something. What the forefathers meant for that was to keep the church from becoming the most powerful in the country. In my eyes its very effective…..And who said this woman was a Christian….Maybe she was a muslim!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adam Duncan

      Thanks Laurie!

    • Timothy Grills

      Sorry that the LGBT community, like other minorities, go through things EVERY SINGLE DAY. They don’t play victim, they ARE victim. Minorities have always been the victim in a society dominated by cis, straight white men.

    • Jean Herrmann Hitch

      Very well said, Adam! This woman has a right to her opinion and we don’t really know what that opinion is, but she kept it to herself rather than broadcasting indignation and hatred. I wish more people were like you and her!

    • Marc Gendron

      She was hired to do the job…get over your religious rot….and don’t shove your religion unto others, get it?

    • Andy Simmons

      Adam, you are preaching to deaf ears. I agree with you in principle. Let the woman be.

    • Danielle Monique

      I agree with you Adam. Being gay I don’t think she was wrong . As gays we talk about no hate and equality and here are all these people saying bad things. That’s hypocritical. I’m not a victim I’m gay. I wasn’t a victim of a hate crime because she didn’t feel comfortable issuing them.

  • Terry Gentry

    Bye bigot.

  • Tom Alonzo

    Good riddance. Move out of the way so the rest of us can move forward.

  • Stuart Blencoe

    she seperated her church from her state

  • Christopher Blanton


  • Deborah Tonn


  • Thomas Charles Hunt

    Bye, bitch.

  • Bobbye Sloan

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  • Patric Boone

    job opening. help wanted, bigots need not apply.

  • Marge Maloney

    Bye bye

  • Steve Davis

    Good- stupid homophobe!!

  • Sela Annette Rice

    Good! One less wart on the ass of society.

  • Maravene Osgood

    Good for the country….

  • Mark L. Tancabel

    Sorry about her luck hope she OK with no food stamps and limited unemployment if she can get any.

  • Vickie Leyko

    Yea!? .. I would rather be unemployed…I mean really? she looks kinda dykish anyway.

  • Ozz Arnold

    Fuck you cunt.

  • Gary D. Miller

    bah bye!!! bitch

  • Geoff Gentel

    Be sure to shut the door on your way out ma’am!

  • Linda Lewis

    Fucking homophobic cunt.

  • Valerie Nicole Roybal

    Bye Felisha

  • Ron Berry

    bye thats one less hater to deal with

  • Laura Tek

    Some public servant. Good, I’m glad she’s gone

  • Tyrone Dee

    What an idiot !

  • Dallas Ross

    Good riddance!

  • Yvonne Cruz

    BYE!!! Good luck working at DMV!!!

  • Davey G. Tingle

    What a crotchety old bitch. I’m glad people like her are choosing to resign rather than be a bitch to every gay couple that comes across her path. She just saved somebody from having a bad day. 8-)

  • Steven Wright-Blackwell


  • Chris Rakesmith

    Bye bye now sugar

  • David C Strickland

    Good! They don’t need hateful person like that there.

  • Goldie Lowry-Cranfill

    Good riddance to bad rubbish

  • Martha Walkup Luke

    She looks like a real life Dolores Umbridge!

  • Robert Lucas

    Good bye and fuck you!

  • Alan Brailsford

    Intolerance can sure make a person stupid!

  • Scott Moore

    Buh bye.

  • OmarEmelio GallegosMilinovich

    She did what she felt she had to.oh well,a job just opened up though

  • Rick Hahn


  • Jhonny Hollywood

    Well said people NM does not need people like that

  • Terry Green

    They are entitled to their opinions and resigning is the right thing to do when you harbor those opinions.

  • Mark Comer

    good. if you cannot do the job, get out.

  • Jamie Turner

    Good riddance, old bat.

  • Holly Christine Bishop

    Buh-bye, good riddance and I hope the door knocks you on your ignorant ass on the way out, lady!

  • Scott Winkler

    Good riddance!!!

  • Mary Ferrara

    Good because I need a job!

  • Jordan Blunt

    She has a right to be a bitch.

  • Joe Giancola

    Good riddance… don’t let the door hit you in the ass… on second thought, let it hit…

  • Helen Hover

    Bunch of fishwives you all are. Knock off this bullshit!

  • Violet Mercedes Dinning

    ♥♥♥♥♥Bless her heart for clearing the way for LOVE. ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Rasha Jackson

    Good bye bitch, lol

  • Kevin Lawrence Johnson Jr.


  • Danny Covarrubio

    Bye FUHLeesha !

  • Steve Hartman

    Good, I approve. Now there will be a separation of church and state. Like others said, don’t let the door hit your bigoted butt on the way out.

    • Adam Duncan

      Where did we read that this woman was even a Christian?

    • Steve Hartman

      I do not think she is resigning over the color of the ink, if you take a look at the them, her FB page is covered with religious material, which is fine with me and she has every right to have all of it there, but tax dollars are not for religious beliefs, and this is the law, not an option.

  • Liam Vickerman

    Aww bless the bitch can gtfo

  • Pat Keenan

    So long , go bye. Happy days.

  • Skip Lang

    Hmmm seems like haters are also quitters.

  • Kat Stone

    Good they dont need people like that

  • Vickie Leyko

    Adam Duncan… speaking for me of course. No disrespect intended. I mean you have to laugh at the whole story, it’s not about being gay or being a christian …it’s about being human and loving everyone!
    We gotta stop the hate begining at home and laugh at the wonders of being able to be who you are no matter the ingredients!

    • Adam Duncan

      I completely agree.

  • Michael J Weiner

    sure taught us a lesson

  • Nuala Anaïs Shields

    Good! If you can’t carry out your lawful secular duties of office, you need to resign your post.

  • Drew Borum

    Goodbye bigot

  • Tony Budz

    And by rights she should resign.

  • Eddie Barrera

    Bye Felicia!!

  • Dave Giaimo

    She left a Government job over personal convictions? Well, that’s a first!

  • George Dygert

    Good if that how she wants it

  • Kristian Davies

    Good. Piss off u old bat.

  • David G’oodwin

    Ciao Lady, someone else will happily earn your paycheque and you can sit home with whatever you had socked away for retirement.

  • Bruce Logan Mair

    Good bye grandma!!!! enjoy your final check

  • Carol Saulen

    Good who needs people like her

  • Susan Kislingbury

    adios, ta-ta, farewell…and don’t let the door from the last century hit you in the ass on the way out!!!

  • Barbara Townsend

    Something is really freaking wrong with people who stop doing things just so that they don’t have to handle certain people places things or ideas (aka nouns for you grammar fans…)

  • Gary D. Miller

    I’ll be she is single and can’t find a lesbian to eat her……

  • Lisa Nilsen

    They had to or be fired. Great news. Just In time for the Christian Holy day. Happy Holidays!!

  • Rocio Gonzalez

    Good!! Let’s hire someone who will do their damn job and set aside their own personal beliefs!

  • Bob Hayes

    Well good for her! God bless, good riddance. In her mind she has just earned 2 more points to her ticket to her heaven.

  • Vanessa Andrea

    Ridiculous! They’re better off without her anyways! LOVE IS LOVE :-* mwahhh bye bitch!

  • Dennis Gordon

    Good bye

  • Randy Shorr

    I suppose next they’ll file a discrimination complaint because they weren’t permitted to impose their beliefs upon others.

  • Michael Alexa Dudding

    YAY! Less tax dollars going to support bigots!!

  • Donnie Wacasey

    don’t let the door knob hit ya

  • Mary Zamora-Paredes

    Good people like that are not needed/wanted.

  • Dale Kizer

    Enjoy retirement!

  • Saradawn Mitchell

    bye bye hope not to see you again soon!

  • Nancy Lynch


  • Lisa Kaplan Flynn McCrum

    You go girl; run from progress. Run from equality. Good luck finding another job!

  • Jaime Juanillo

    thank you for getting out of the way of progress!

  • Nicole Starr

    She’s old lol its not like she would have been there much longer anyway. Ta ta

  • Rich Ruiz

    Lol……bye bye baby……got to your cave…..and of course don’t let the door hit you in the ass….

  • Lawrence Brady Anderson

    Good Bye!

  • Linda Lewis

    Sweetie, trust me, you won’t catch anything by giving out same sex marriage licences and I can promise you it won’t turn you gay. On the off chance it does, your so butt ugly you’ll still be single and safe.

  • Nakiia BbyGirl Datri

    Really? Get over it

  • Scott Keith

    Out with the old!

  • Brian Gregory

    Well that’s fine, she’s allowed to do so. At least she’s not staying in office and trying to break the law or trying to harm gay couples…

  • Tara L. Mullins

    Good see ya!!!

  • Gerald Cernak

    Good! Bye bye!!

  • Alysha Shipley

    Bye, Felicia!

  • Andrew Aitken

    I havent even read the article but there is certianly more than enough hate speech in these comments. It is sad that all these anti hate messages are fueled by hate anti bigotry messages are fueled by bigotry. Learn to speak civily and your thoughts will carry a lot more weight. No one wants to listen to haters which right now includes most of the above comments. Grow up.

  • Lee Michlein

    I think she did the right thing. Retire if you cannot uphold the laws and rights of others that your job requires.

  • Karla Jo Hall

    Goodbye to trash!!

  • Val Schaeffer

    She is a closet lesbian

  • Erik Hove

    Don’t let the door hit you

  • Adam Meier


  • Tom Watson

    Bye Bye, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

  • Peter O’Doherty

    That’s OK, they’re 2 more out there who will!

  • Dillon Chavez

    Bye! We won’t miss you! :)

  • Rhiannon Misty O’Neil

    talk about creating your own conflict of interest!

  • Jon Carsello

    Good residence.

  • Dylan Dean Ford

    Hilarious. Thanks for the comedy. Hope Santa leaves u a groupon to the “How to not be homophobic 10 step program”….peace.

  • Agatha Desmond

    Don’t let the door hit you in your ass on your way out.

  • Marcus Kodjoe

    Old whores

  • Jeanne Berry Hendricks

    If they are practicing and staying the the elders in their decisions, it must be so, I would think that performance in the eyes of the Navajo elders would be disrespectful of the tribal followings. I am an alley of LGBTQ and I believe my daughter and her wife (now my other daughter) are special. They must have rights that are equal under the federal and state laws as other marriages. No More No Less. Equal. I do however not make any disagreements with a native law in place.

  • Troy Godfrey

    Good !!! Buh bye Felicia !!!

  • Cassandra Perez

    The fight continues!

  • Sandy G. Masterson

    Don’t let the door hit you in your big wide bigoted ass on the way out, or not!

  • Janet Moore

    Later & don’t let the door hit ya’!!!!!

  • Robert H St Julian

    Hit the road girl

  • Tom Branner

    Alright, one less person to be against the issue. Replace her with someone who is open minded.

  • Carmichael Smith-Low

    good riddance to bad rubbish; maybe she can get a job as an extra on duck dynasty

  • Harley Iscariot

    Moving on . . .

  • David Casson

    good, don’t need bigots in those positions.

  • Roger E. Tedder

    Good! One less homophobe (asshole) in office!

  • Jay Stuttler

    I fully support marriage equality but it is also the right of people to not go against what they believe at least she resigned instead of trying to cause problems.

  • Chris DesRoches

    See ya and GET OVER YOURSELF

  • Jim Dmitriy Jiminmexico

    Well i hope she has something in a bank and some food…

  • Dave Casker

    Hope you enjoy your retirement as much as the rest of us will.

  • Godfrey Hamilton

    ‘buh bye. And thanks for playing. Tell her what she won, Bob!

  • Johnny Schaefer

    I’m pretty sure other people in the office could handle that part of her job.

  • Tiana Smith

    Deuces bitch!

  • Michael Sweeney

    Good for her. Now leave the state and take your biggotry with you.

  • Bill Millhouse

    It is their right to resign. Replace them and get on with it.

    • Deaven Starr

      make the way for someone else to do the jobs they are too chicken to do

  • Ian Hudson

    I totally agree. If your beliefs prevent you from doing your tax payer supported job, then quit!

  • Bill Millhouse

    It is their right to resign. Replace them and get on with it.

  • Tamara Myers

    maybe someone gay will be at your former desk

  • Noonie Fortin

    Good riddance if she can’t accept equality!

  • Aj Sol

    Later biatch

  • Liam Sauer-Wooden

    Okay, If she can’t do her job, her choices were to quit or be fired. Works for me.

  • Bill Millhouse

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the Goddess split ya.

  • Jamie Merrill


  • Celine Abramschmitt

    Uh, “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s…” Lmao

  • Lin Tumin

    Buh Bye!!!

  • Bob Candage

    The choices we make are our own. Hope they own the consequences of theirs and not shout victim hood or allow themselves to martyrs for their *cause*. I know, I have high expectations :)

  • Robert Conner

    Thank you for removing yourself from the system!!

  • Kathy Gutman Hurst

    Gees there sure are a whole lotta righteous people out there.

  • MaryWho Bergin


  • Mike Scott

    Good riddance! Maybe the church will hire them. That’s where they belong anyway.

  • Rich Crabtree

    May she enjoy her retirement.

  • Lasene Gatewood

    Good we dont need people like this , in our community

  • Lasene Gatewood

    Ugly bitch

  • Derek Colledge

    Hopefully she was greeted with a ceremony of rainbow balloons when she left.

  • Janae Cain Dirksen

    So long homophobic bitch!!!

  • Jonathan Richard

    If she’d owned a luncheonette in the Fifties, she would’ve shuttered it to avoid having to serve…the Scary Black People. She embodies a miserable legacy, and as one public employee to another, allow me to say a hearty “Good Riddance, you curdled chunk of crusty bigotry.”

  • Kyle Maz

    good, see you later

  • Marian Earley

    What are they afraid of, don,t they know we Gays are very fussy, and they can,t catch it, because we were born this way

  • Sebastian Avery Morris

    If one can’t in good conscience fulfill the requirements of one’s job, one should resign. She did the right thing.

  • Daniel Jaquez

    See god does exist

  • Linda Ewing

    Jobs open for others-

  • Alan Clark

    I do hope she is blessed with at least 10 gay grandchildren. Happy Holidays.

  • Gerri LeFlore

    Wow, really? Good riddance!

  • Michael Mora

    Another hateful religious person.

  • Johnathan Travis Rogers

    Well,good for her! She may not have to face is gays,but she will have to face God! I’m glad she removed her hate from their situation there! One more down people,let keep moving forward!

  • Jack Kidder

    her choice… a bigot does not need to be in her position

  • Carol Gerundo

    Thank you! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • Kevin Keeling

    Any person who does not issue the licenses should be fired now that it is legal for all people to marry. Their religious beliefs have no place in government. Keep them in the church.

  • Debbie Lawrence

    na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye

  • Michael Golojuch Jr

    Good riddance to bad trash!

  • Cortney Marie Love

    And we’re all just so sad to see you go….not. people need to grow up, its pretty sad that people are so closeminded that they have to quit their job to avoid something that doesn’t affect them in the least bit

  • Mark Krasniqi

    i hope she burns in hell

  • Dawn Sosnak

    And the sad part is…. This made the news. People quit jobs everyday for a whole lot of different reasons. Who cares? If that’s what they believe in … Good riddance to them ! So sad that people like those ladies actually care what two consenting adults do with their lives. How does that affect them in any way? I hope they are happy wherever they end up …. As for me and my girlfriend…. We will be extremely happy for the rest of our lives!

  • Eric B. Luna


  • Sage Yelle Alixander

    By by bigots

  • Victoria Equality Olson

    Good. Hurt yourself by quitting. Stay gone.

  • Lee Virgilio

    Adios Ignorant folks…

  • Joshua Fake

    Good riddance! Out with the old and pointless, in with the new and LEGAL!

  • Douglas Buchholz

    Good, we didn’t want such judgmental people in public office in the first place!

  • Buster Daily

    Good riddance. Starve and die in a gutter, bitch.

  • Barbara Ann Gibson

    Total ignorance. Join the real world

  • Crystal Shurron Garcia Evanston

    Goodbye… yay more jobs for us

  • Samantha Atkins

    She certainly has the right to do so.

  • Hoyle McCain

    Maybe Chik-Fil-A will hire her as a register clerk….

  • Kirk Taylor

    Following her bigotry-filled heart.

  • Larry Branson

    How sad and ignorant, and I bet she says she’s a Christian.

  • Brenda Green

    See ya!! Bye!!!

  • Yvo Rances

    I cant believe people are willing to quit their job only as a way to be against equality, that is just totally ridiculous. Right, there you have an example, that people need to be educated since little in human rights to be more tolerant.

  • Frîes Nàá


  • Sharon Shoemaker

    Why is she a bitch just because she doesn’t agree with the lifestyle? Alot of people on this post are very judgemental and that’s not right either. Why do so many of you feel the need to defend yourselves? Makes ya wanna go hmmm.

  • Martha Shelly

    She looks retirement age, good job for someone else.

  • Teri Louise Birdsong

    so… go away.

  • Anita Ingalls Bishop

    Well i hope that they will not get another job for a long time. It’s not there job to judge people. bye bye

  • Rogi Riverstone

    buh bye! Our state’s a lot better without your cracker ass. choke on it.

  • Lisa Kortan

    good for you, one can’t really be in a service position and do God’s work when they’re sticking to their personal perspectives, can they? excellent decision, lady…:)

  • Mary Stanley

    good, if they could not treat all people equally they should not hold a government office

  • Kynthia Alice Rosgeal

    Buhbye perra

  • Lori Renee

    So long, good riddance to bigotry.

  • Victoria Block

    How sad

  • Frank J Schneider


  • Larry Dillon

    Buh-Bye Breeder Bitch

  • Crystal Alvarebel

    Smell ya later biotch.

  • Duane K Duffey

    I’m sure that will happen. I heard it happened alot in Canada in the Western Provinces

  • Aaron C. Yeagle

    Good for them.

  • Brian Cummings

    good gay couples don’t need their happy marriage starting with being issued a license from a homophobe

  • Leti Gonzalez

    Bye Felishas’!!!

  • Clara Randle

    Good riddance, you old bitch!

  • Toots McGuire

    That’s fine, the same thing happened here in Canada. The government made it clear that they must perform same/opposite sex marriages, so a handful left. Not a big deal.

  • Crystal Johnston

    Haha lost her job over nothing. Good riddance

  • Luca Fancello

    It is good to resign. I wish more homophobes would have her presence of mind to act like this.

  • Teresa Myers

    If this is true then so sad to be her. Let people be happy for crying out loud!! Is that so very hard?

  • Jerry Agin

    Good for her – I’m sure there are tons of people that wouldn’t mind having a job – regardless who is requesting a marriage lisence

  • Seyvion Mikael Darden

    Good. They don’t need jobs anyway. Us homosexuals clearly disrupt your job by being too fabulous.

  • Terry Gouette

    Wonderful news.

  • Charlie Smith

    Oh well…step aside and let someone who doesn’t judge take care of us!

  • Chuck P. Kass

    The Wicker Man is waiting for her.

  • Peter Manson

    No loss

  • Denis Freeland

    And that is the way it should be – if you dont want to do the job for which you are employed, you hae one of two options.

  • Kelly Mix

    Intolerant woman.

  • Sé Heredia Armenta

    bye Felisha!

  • Pablito Belanger

    Job opening! Haha!

  • Ala Bama

    good! get your bigot ass out of the way.

  • Aimée A. VanHooser

    Bye! Cut off your nose to spite your face. smh

  • Alex Amador

    Good riddance, bitch!

  • Rebecca Smith

    Good, bigot. GTFO.

  • Philip Gaddis

    Bye don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  • Howard Reisner

    Her existance will still be a miserable one.

  • MaryAnn Eva Kochanko-Norvik

    My words exactly Goldie Lowry-Cranfill, why do some people not want others to be happy. Why can we not all live together in peace? Bible thumpers are the worst, so full of hatred. It makes me sick, this is why I do not belong to any organized religion. I have tried many different faiths and none of them made me feel comfortable.

  • John Adam Di Pietro

    Bye bye bitch!

  • MJs Nugget

    peace out bithces

  • Sally Monroe


  • William Gooden

    Gay people need to start growing her food. Maybe then she will stop eating and die.

  • Hilary Dawson

    Huh, now if all the other idiots were driven from office…

  • Alexus Tori Kasuse

    Glad New Mexico has you out you fucking cunt.LOL

  • Davey Dee

    Shes old as dirt time for her and her old ugly veiws to hit the road and she a rotten person inside out …she wears it on that tired out old nasty ugly face….time to retire to the back wood where y come making room for a better person to take her spot…shame on her….bad lady….

  • Bowser Nmdm Captain

    Honestly, I think that’s great news. Good riddance

  • Michael Pedicini

    I am glad Jesus didn’t resign when he went to parties with you know THOSE people.

  • D Louise Moore Solomon

    gai gesuint (sp)

  • Daniel Touchet

    yea ,,the bit,, is gone,,,stick ure values were the sun don’t

  • Jonny Wyse

    Guys (and ladies): let’s not add to the problem… If we’re looking for acceptance, perhaps we could be a little more forgiving of others. She did the honorable thing, by staying true to her own standards and beliefs, while at the same time moving out if the way of progress. The system worked. Do we really need to resort to name-calling??

  • Manïc Mandy


  • Kia Prettyeyez Pressley

    Now she has no job no income I hope she has enuff income for the rest of her days. Shes made it hard for herself to get another job

  • Lisa Mills Walters

    Good. They clearly weren’t fit for the job.

  • John Steadman

    Ba By Bitch

  • Liz Zufall


  • Jeffery Abney

    Hip hip, hooray.

  • Nikole Ramirez

    Well good.

  • Brian JC Kneeland

    let them go! Let them all resign if they must – and form their own nation in Africa and Russia!

  • Demetrius Hall

    IGNORANCE !!!!

  • Anne Moore

    The issue is not about gay straight transgender lesbian thing human being ..thing is people want to be happy regardless and really its not catching .

  • Ian Cordner

    Guess they have no respect for the law or the constitution!

  • Judy Granucci-Tufo

    How ridiculous. She’s better off gone with her biased views.

  • Rosemary Forkin

    Good riddance someone else
    will do the job.

  • Denielle Martinez

    That’s right

  • Paul Sharp

    Good. Hopefully she will have time now to concentrate on a good diet!

  • Tami Hegwood


  • Minnie Roman

    Good bye don’t let the door hit you in your way out.

  • George Scott

    Just makes room for somebody else that is willing to do there job, which is. Working for the people and that includes ALL people.

  • Steven Fritchie

    Good, the less homophobes in any (no matter how minor) position of power is a good thing.

  • Mel Greene

    What an idiot. At her age, who the hell will hire her?

  • Giuseppe Conidi

    If you can’t do your job, leave. Good riddens

  • Chris Ferrebee

    Bye bye…

  • Emily Turner

    if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen….oh, she did :)

  • Kerri Owings

    We’ll at least they won’t be able to deny rights to their fellow Americans.

  • Scott DeLongchamp

    Everyone has to make a choice and if they choose to ignore equality under the law so be it!

  • Peggy Meritt

    good, opens up a job for some one who will do the job

  • Richard C. DeArmond

    Some people. Can’t we send them back to the Garden of Eden? I have a short video that is quite appropriate for that.

  • Jimmy Guthrie

    Good! Fuck you very much!

  • David Shorey

    good there is an opening for someone to get a job that is willing to give a marriage license to gay couple and for the two that resigned don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out the door.

  • Jim Smith

    Thank you!

  • Justice Leo

    she looks,like a cock sucker

  • Terry Thrasher

    Good. Hit the road, bigot, and mention why you quit so the next employer won’t hire your bigoted ass either.

  • Tom Hill

    Bye.. miss you already

  • Octavio Roca

    She can stew in her hatred in private, never again foist it on anyone else.

  • Glenn Brown

    Bigotry in progress.

  • Andy Sulsar

    Hasta la vista, dumb bitch

  • Chris Bennett

    I love when bigots can afford not to work ! There are people out there who need money and a job who only quit when they are being abused, but your evil bitchness is quitting, because you cant be a bigot ! Wow ! You should rot in HELL !

  • Veronica Dill

    Quit?! In this economy?! Good riddance evil bigoted bitches!!

  • Steven Potts

    Good for her

  • Robyn Gibbons

    Let her!

  • Jokie X Wilson

    Now, now, it’s a nice gesture in its own way. <3

  • Dennis Murphy

    Good! Split the scene!!!!!!

  • Verna Lisa Selph

    I’m so proud of my home state!

  • James Jarrett

    Bye bye!!!!

  • Linda Johnston

    Good idea ladies, if you can’t get on board with the future, get the hell out and live in your own little homophobic world!!!!!!!

  • Freeman Tami

    Bye. Chose the wrong career lady.

  • Stephen Melott

    See ya..dont let the door hit your ass on your way out !

  • Ray Gordon

    wow, how…..second grader behavior.

  • George Lund

    These people have no business in these jobs -leave and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!! County clerks should represent/take care of all people!

  • T.J. Gupton

    This is what we call “vocational Darwinism”.

  • Joelle Rael

    What a shame

  • Trevor Spoehr

    Better off without you. Thank you for your service. You will be replaced quite happily. Enjoy your retirement.

  • Priscilla Edwards

    Great!!!! One less idiot to deal with

  • Clinton Rusthoven


  • Clinton Rusthoven


  • Ray Workman

    She needed to retire anyway. New Life, New Blood!

  • Ern Bear

    Better me thinking of an amazing excuse when you’re asked at the pearly gates !!! Good luck…btw, Happy Holidays !!

  • Lauren Glenn

    Wow…. that’s like a waiter resigning to avoid serving food to gay people…. oh no, what will we do….. who in the world can serve food to people?…… that’s what it’s like here…. she’s a filing clerk making it sound like no one can get married unless she’s there. It’s a stamp, filing, and then performing some government ritual or something…. hope you get denied for unemployment! :)

  • Charles Rowe

    its to bad people still feel like this but im sure there others that will treat everyone with there civil rights the same i will keep you two in my prays

  • Danny Moon

    Bye now!

  • Wayne Bradley

    Maybe she should move to Russia!!!

  • Shannon Green

    I wish they would all follow her lead and resign if they can’t honor the laws that are voted for. Aren’t u supposed to be a public servant? Get over urself

  • Kimball Bergeron

    Good riddance to bad trash!

  • Bill DeMoss

    Good. No one should have to speak with something like her.

  • Alexceeia Dee


  • Darrell Richardson

    Good Bye Bye Bye!

  • Bobby C Willard

    When you cannot respect all the differences in the world, your job is useless to you anymore. Bye, bigot. Your attitude is not needed.

  • Deborah Baldwin

    Find a new world to live in.

  • Lorenzo Ruiz

    Have a good life. Make room for the rest of humanity.

  • Christine Thomas

    So its news then? Really? She gets to push her rights all over the place and get honored for it. I dont think so. Yay, good for her, shes so cool and free. What about those who dont have that choice. Glad she stepped down , but sorry, no points for it.

  • Joanne Cipolla-Dennis


  • Jeannie Fleming-Nadolny

    Good Riddance!!

  • Seppo Kanerva

    She is a senior, but desperately ignorant woman. Somebody should have instructed her about one fact of life: Gays exist because gayness is an inborn trait. If you are born gay, you cannot help it — and hardly anyone of us wants “to hep it”. If you are born a woman, no matter how much (if at all) you would like to be a man, it will not be possible.

  • Brianne Elizabeth Lyons

    bye-bye, and good luck with that Focus on the Family application. I’m sure you’ll fit right in with the child abusers there.

  • Umut Ka

    There is no room for narrow-minded people in a free world. We are gay and cannot change that. So, they better change their homophobic mentality.

  • Colin Mickelo

    HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAÀAA BYE BYE some people need the work and want to do it haahaa

  • Pamela Brown

    well good for her. i would not want to get a license from someone like that anyway.

  • Tony Mavilia

    Hope she stays jobless and becomes homeless.

  • Andrew O’Connor

    Is the job now open for new starts

  • Rachel Smooshie King

    Dayum. Shallow bitch.

  • Angel Touchstone

    Good! Hope she never finds work! we are everywhere and if this dumbass quits every job where she has to serve gays she’s WAY shit outta luck. I have to serve people I don’t like or agree with or even respect every single day…it’s called a JOB!

  • Alan Ferreira

    Vade retro, ugly old bitch!

  • Bretagne Pirelli

    Peace-out, cubscout!

  • Nicholas Ravn

    What a cunt.

  • Linda Wicker

    Bye bye we won’t cry

  • Rann DeStefano

    Good riddance. Make room for enlightened folks.

  • Rusty Harris-Bishop

    As RuPaul says, it’s time for her to sashay . . . away.

  • Lightin Marilyn Storm

    Ciaoooooo need too retire my dear and give others a chance to experience the word freedom

  • Ron King

    Good riddens u hate-filled bitch!

  • Jon White

    Cupid Stunt!!!

  • Carlos Iglesias

    Good riddance!!

  • Paul Dennis DeMarco

    Stupidity at it’s best! ;-)

  • Andy Simmons

    I say let her be. Stop trying to demonize her.
    Trust me, most of the “enlightened” people us gays know harbor some level of issues with our orientations. If you push them hard enough, you will see some hateful shit come out.

  • Danielle Monique

    If she doesn’t believe in it there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m gay and I’m not offended. She didn’t commit a hate crime.

  • Doug Hawley

    come on people she quit her job because she dont agree with our being able to marry but if we continue to bash these people we are no better then they are for bashing us

  • Kenneth L. Freeman

    Buh bye loser!

  • Adam Foglar

    bitter old bitch…

  • Kelli Brown

    Well thats ok. Who cares. They are entitled to their opinion… i mean we all know these type of people exist…. but now they are well known unemployed homophobes instead of just being homophobes. Im glad happy in love people wont have to be served by people such as these two… good riddance to bad rubbish….. i hear maccas need burger flippers lol (and after all the dreadful things these people say about us i think we are entitled to poke a bit of fun)

  • Adam Foglar

    Look I’m sorry but there is no way in hell I am going to react as cooly as some of you because it’s wrong. If she had resigned for not wanting to issue marriage licenses to interracial couples people would have exploded in the comment section and wouldn’t have written comments like “oh she has a right to her opinion.” ANY form of discrimination is fucking disgusting and she is a piece of shit, plain and simple.

  • Donna Harris

    Thru time til recently, lgbt were hounded out their jobs by people like her. What a vile woman.

  • Matthew Craig

    Good riddance !

  • Wayne Marshall

    we should deport her to Antarctica without a coat :D

  • Jeanette Stafford Jones

    Cause jobs are just that easy to get.. Especially when you do something like this. :-/

  • C-Haz Sketchbook


  • Beth LaPinta

    Too da loo ya old bitch!!

  • Jon Thompson

    I graduated from Eastern NMU which is located in Portales. I enjoyed my time there, but it doesn’t surprise me at all that this would be the response. They fought a huge battle over becoming a wet county, speaking in terms of alcohol. This was in the 70s. It finally happened after three votes. I’m sure this was traumatic for these ladies, but if they’re too bigoted to do their jobs, then they did the right thing by getting out.

  • John Smith

    No loss to the Counties they worked in.

  • Daniel Betustak

    well if that is what you want ,that is what you got. now how do we say goodbye?????

  • Lawrence Gil

    Bye! Bitch!

  • Gregory Payne

    Have a nice life!

  • DeAnna Reynolds

    Ironic that they are both women who resigned. Wasn’t too long ago that they would have been denied those jobs due to their being women.

  • Kevin Lowery

  • Denise Wecker-Seipke

    Good. She opened up a job for someone else!

  • Raymond O’Toole

    Let her go! TTFN!

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