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Anti-gay tobacco magnate elected president of Paraguay

Monday, April 22, 2013
Horacio Cartes

Horacio Cartes

Horacio CartesAP

Despite having been jailed for nearly a year in 1989 and investigated for drug smuggling, Horacio Cartes recorded a clear victory that marks the resurgence of his Colorado party, which held a grip on power for six decades until 2008, reported Fox News Latino.

In a radio interview prior to the election, Cartes said support of same-sex marriage is like believing in “the end of the world.”

Cartes, 57, also threatened to inflict harm on his own genitals if his 28-year-old son were to seek to marry another man.

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“I would shoot myself in the testicles, because I do not agree,” he said, using slightly more colorful language to describe how he would react to such a possibility.

Somos Gay, a Paraguayan gay rights group, issued a statement calling Cartes’s comments on same-sex marriage “cruel” and pressed him to apologize publicly.

The issue of marriage equality has gained prominence in Paraguay after legislators in nearby Uruguay voted this month to legalize same-sex marriage, making Uruguay the second country in South America to do so after Argentina.

Cartes will begin his five-year term in August.

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