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Paraguay gay couple demands legal recognition as spouses

Saturday, March 23, 2013

ASUNCION, Paraguay – A Paraguayan married, gay couple are demanding to be recognized as spouses under the law.

Simon Cazal (left) and Sergio Lopez. Photo: Jorge Saenz, AP

Simon Cazal (left) and Sergio Lopez. Photo: Jorge Saenz, AP

Thirty-year old Simon Cazal and 20-year-old Sergio Lopez got married last year in Argentina, the first place in Latin America to approve gay marriage nationwide.

Paraguay itself has no laws for same-sex marriage or civil unions.

On Friday the couple asked a judge in the capital of Asuncion to order civil registry officials to record their marriage.

Cazal says they went first to the judge because local radio has been reporting that civil registry officials will likely block his attempt to register his marriage to Lopez.

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