Incriminating photo surfaces, reported to be of gay men arrested on cruise ship

An incriminating photograph has surfaced, reportedly of the two men on an Atlantis gay cruise who were arrested earlier this month and accused of openly having sex on the boat while docked in the Roseau port of Dominica.

Dennis Mayer, 53, and John Hart, were charged with “buggery,” an offense equivalent to sodomy, and indecent exposure after they were seen allegedly having sex on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship by someone on the dock.

Following the ordeal, Mayer said they were not having sex, and that they were “partially clothed.”

Now this photograph has surfaced, sent to via an anonymous reader:

Photo purported to be of Dennis Mayer and John Hart.
(Photo via

Mayer and Hart (left image) — Are these the same men pictured on crusie ship balcony?

Mayer and Hart were arrested and held overnight, and appeared in a Dominican court the next day, where they pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of indecent exposure and ordered to pay fines of $888 each.

Chief Magistrate Evaline Baptiste called the men “rogues and vagabonds.”

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