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Toronto police won’t march in pride parade after botched investigation of gay murder victims

The city’s LGBTQ community is still angry at how long it took to arrest a serial killer targeting gay men.

A high school student is hosting the first pride festival in Mike Pence’s hometown

She says that Pence "definitely" affected her decision to host the town's first pride festival as her senior project.

One of America’s civil rights pioneers is passing the torch of LGBTQ progress

She knows where the movement should go, but it'll be up to the new generation to take us there.

Meet Matthew Olshefski, the concert violinist with a heart of gold & pecs of steel

The Shirtless Violinist strips down to talk about music, modeling, fame and fiddles.

The trans folk who protested Pride have been sentenced, but was justice served?

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” Isn't it time we started listening?

Two high school coaches suspended over an LGBTQ charity basketball game

Was it really about paperwork or was it homophobia?

Rio Pride Parade
Should we add a black stripe to the pride flag to recognize queer goths?

“Gothic intent is to dress black and in black. With a black stripe we will be treated as equals within the gay community.”

Has the breakthrough of ‘Black Panther’ created an opening for a queer superhero?

Black Panther scored a win for diversity. Can a queer superhero be next?