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Poland is an uproar over a comic book hero who bashes back at Pride

Last year, the Equality Parade was stopped by Polish nationalists. In the comic book version, the thugs get what they deserve.

Toronto Pride Parade
Toronto Pride asks attendees to wear black to honor gay serial killer victims

"The one thing that feels celebratory is the color, and the one thing that we're really trying to take away this year is the color."

Wisconsin transgender student crowned prom queen

"I didn't win prom queen for being a transgender girl. I won prom queen for being Nikko Nelson."

These adorable photos of queer couples at prom will make haters’ heads explode

The religious right is attacking high school proms as an attack on "faith, family, and freedom" if gay and lesbian couples are allowed to go together.

5 reasons why Pride is more relevant than ever this season

Let's make 2018's pride one for the record books.

Transgender pride flag
Million dollar transgender community center opens in Los Angeles

Six trans-focused organizations have come together under one unprecedented umbrella to serve the community.